Window and Glass Door Maintenance & Parts

Glass Now’s factory is located on the gold coast and is a one stop shop for all your glass requirements. We supply and cut most types of glass on site and we also have a range of glass fixings, rollers and maintenance products. Rollers, spare parts and installation are available for aluminium windows, glass doors, shower screens, shelves and mirrors.
If your sliding glass door is not sliding you may need to replace the rollers. Call 1800 686 693 and schedule a visit from our mobile glazing team. Our qualified team of glazier all have police checks and are available if and when required. Contact Glass Now for your window and door maintenance requirements and window and door hardware supply and installation.
Glass Now supply, install and maintain only quality of products for recognised suppliers for our both commercial and domestic customers. A dedicated team providing a quality service even in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Glass Now will also deal with your insurance company or body corporate in the event that your not required to pay for the work.
Glass Now also supply, fit and maintain commercial aluminium doors. We service all brands of glass sliding doors, including hinged doors, pivot doors, multi-stacking doors, bi-Fold and Auto Doors throughout Northern NSW and SE Qld.

Free glass repair – do you qualify?

Let’s see how this might work for you.

Body Corporate businesses work on behalf of building owners and are traditionally bought and sold like any other business. Body Corporate Managers (BCM) are then engaged in a partnership with the owners and a Strata Management firm who provide administrative and secretarial services. The BCM provides a service, they should help with the day to day management of the physical property and its residents.

The BCM may even live in the building alongside the residents. On the Gold Coast and in Brisbane this is common practice and the BCM can even act as the leasing agent for the building. As a resident within a Body Corporate Structure, you will deal with the body corporate manager or a real estate agent, sometimes both.

Physical property is usually defined as the common areas such as halls, pools, gardens and typically all the exterior of the building, such as the roof, windows and doors. If you are an owner, renting or even on a short stay in a holiday unit you are responsible for the damage inside the unit. Break a mirror in the bathroom, you are going to have to pay for it.

The BCM acting on behalf of the owners is usually responsible for doing or organising the repair and maintenance of common property at the building. So here we go – do you qualify for free glass repair on the Gold Coast and Brisbane Australia. Well, Do YOU!!

First – you need to be a tenant in a building that has a body corporate structure?
Second – the glass repair (typically a glass door or a window) must be on the external wall or outside of the dwelling?

If you answer “YES” to both of the questions you should qualify and your body corporate should be picking up the bill, not you =

Glass Now provides glass and aluminium repairs 24-hour, 7 days a week. Our Mobile glazing service provides maintenance and repair of all window and door frames within all Tweed, Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redlands Bay and Brisbane Suburbs


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Why are bathroom windows more expensive to repair?

This is because bathroom windows are a combination of toughened and obscured Glass.

The benefits of obscure glass is that it allows light to enter the room and also preserves the privacy of the people within the room. Most of the obscure glass we sell at GlassNow is used within bathrooms, toilets or near entry doors. Obscured glass is sometimes referred to as frosted glass and there is a large range of styles available, common types include Arctic, Cathedral, Satinlite and Spotswood. In some situations our customers need us to match a broken window to the existing style of glass used within the building.

In most situations when installing toughened glass we need to make two trips to your location. This is because toughened glass is not able to be cut and will explode into small peddles or relatively harmless fragments.

The first trip is to measure the exact size and the second trip is to supply and install. Usually this whole process takes approximately 5 working days, as the glass has to be sent back to the factory to undergo additional heat treatment. The good news is that toughened glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than float glass of equal thickness, making it safer choice.

Bathrooms are considered to be an area of the building that has a higher risk of accidents occurring. The most obvious reason being that these areas get wet and hence the increased possibility of a slip or a fall. Being a bathroom there is also a good possibility that you will be naked and let’s face it slipping on wet tiles is bad enough. Luckily the possibility of cutting yourself at the same time is greatly reduced due to Australian standard AS1288-2006 specifying the use of toughen glass within bathrooms and toilets.

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GlassNow keeping up with online saas technology.

GlassNow provides a 24hr 7day mobile glazing service, as such we have a team of glaziers on the road helping our many customers when they need it most. To do this GlassNow requires great systems and to make a constant investment in new technology of both hardware and software. Online saas or cloud based software specifically as it makes sense from a convenience and price perspective. This has recently seen us make the investment into a new self compliance system which allows us to create evidence of our completed compliance obligations as measureable tasks.

The product being which we use to create evidence of compliance for;

  • incident clarification and reporting
  • training material
  • employee policies
  • employee portal and notification

The second product being which we are using to manage

  • logging and tracking field and factory jobs
  • ordering materials for those jobs
  • invoicing

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Residential Property Glazing Audits

GlassNow provides residential property glazing audits from $350 incl. GST for this service.

Depending on your situation and the results of the glass audit you will be provided with reportable information from us;

  1. Form 16 and or
  2. Spreadsheet – listing all the glass within your residence (example below)


Location Type Size & Quantity Product Compliant   with AS1288-06
1 Main Entry side panel to a door 875 x 419 4mm clr toughened Yes
2 Main Entry side panel to a door 1142 x 410 6mm clr toughened yes
3 Main Entry side panel to a door 855 x 408 5mm clr   float yes
4 Main Entry panel above door 855 x 1638 6mm clr float yes
5 Main Entry side panel to a door 855 x 408 5mm clr   float yes
6 Main Entry side panel to a door 419 x 1142 4mm clr toughened yes
7 Main Entry side panel to a door 875 x 410 4mm clr toughened yes
8 Right hand to a door louvre galleries 19 blades 6mm clr toughened yes
9 Bathroom 1 window above bath 2@ 850 x 550 4mm clr toughened yes
10 Bedroom 1 door 2@ 1955 x 985 4mm clr toughened yes
11 WC sliding window 2@ 800 x 400 3mm clr float yes
12 Laundry door 1@ 1955 x 796 4mm clr toughened yes
13 Laundry door 1@ 1955 x 796 6.38 clr laminate yes
14 Laundry sliding window 2@ 1000 x 550 3mm clr float yes
15 Bedroom 2 door 2@ 1955 x 984 4mm clr toughened yes
16 Bedroom 3 sliding window 2@ 1147 x 857 4mm clr float yes
17 Lounge fixed windows 2@ 2250 x 834 4mm clr toughened yes
18 Lounge fixed windows 2@ 540 x 857 3mm clr float yes
19 Lounge louvre galleries 21 blades 6mm clr toughened yes

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding glass audit. which allows for certification of glass against AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings

  • Where the glass is outside of the scope of AS1288-2006 (very rare) and engineering is required we will provide you with relevant contacts

Please let us know if you require certification on following (as this may increase the cost)

  • Roof glazing (skylights etc.)
  • Any glass with difficult access to it- eg. Extension ladders, scaffolds etc.
  • If the building is more than 3 storey’s high
  • Certification of pool fencing, shed or any other structures on the property other than house itself

The process with Glass Now is as follows

  1. We arrange a mutually suitable time for us to attended
  2. During our visit- please allow at least 2-3 hours for measure to be completed
    1. – collect a deposit – this is non-refundable
    2. – measure each glass pane and check it’s thickness and properties (eg. Thickness, films, tint , toughened, laminated etc.)
  3. Paperwork is then forwarded to the office where each pane of glass is checked against the safety standard
  4. We will then contact you to advise if there are any panes of glass that do not comply
  5. In case you require replacement we provide a quotation for replacement with a compliant piece of glass
    1. If you choose to accept this we replace the glass and give you the certification at the time of repair- provided that repairs and the remainder of the certification cost has been paid for.
    2. If you choose not to accept the quote we will provide certification for compliant panels only and collect remainder of the certification cost.

Our certification comes a s a “Form 16- Inspection Certificate”  that is accompanied with a spreadsheet of all items certified.

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BAS Tender Awarded

September 2014 GlassNow completed registration as a Building and Asset Services Contractor # 861238
October 2015 GlassNow was successful in becoming a registered supplier for the
Unplanned Maintenance & Minor Upgrade Services in South East Queensland
Tender Number: BAS0914SEQ
Category: UnplannedMaintenance and Minor Upgrade Services – glazing services
Issued by:
State of Queensland acting through BAS Building and Asset Service
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GlassNow other Services

GlassNow Services

As licensed glaziers at all times we comply with AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential, glass and glazing.

Emergency Replacement Glass; 24hr 7 day service, all suburbs of Brisbane & Gold Coast

CM3 Certified – cost effective glazing services for Body Corporate, Property Managers, Schools, Shopping Centres, Medical and Government small to large commercial buildings

Commercial Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro Refitting, Swap out
Fit to prepared openings
UV and Glass to Metal Bonding – Bainmaree,
Compliance Audit to the current AS 1288:2006 standards
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders

Domestic Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro refitting, Swap out
All Mirrors
All Splashbacks
Lead light
Pet doors
Table tops and shelves
Oven doors
Security and Fly Screens
Vehicle side mirrors
New Shower screens
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders
Maintenance for frameless shower screens only

Why GlassNow?
Competitive rates , Established for over 23 years, Only qualified and insured tradesmen sent to work sites, Free on site quotes where required, Public Liability Insurance to the value of $ 20,000,000, Australian owned and operated factory with 10+ mobile vehicles, No job too small

CM3 Pre-qualified #013830
BAS Contractor Registration # 861238
QBCC Licenses # 1003091
Member of Master builders # 22246
Accredited Member of Australian Glass Association # C3306

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Pet Door – Does your best friend have their own door?

Does your best friend have their own door?
Are you are considering installing a new pet door for your beloved dog or cat? You’re pet may not always be your best friend, let’s face it when there has been an accident inside sometimes it can be messy and the smell can be even worse – oh BOY!! This is just the reason why your Pets deserve their own special entrance. You should consider some of the following points prior to ordering and installing a new pet door.
• Crawling or small children may access a pet door directly onto the street or a pool area.
• Dogs and cats should not be free to roam the neighbourhood.
• Buying the right sizing dog or cat door for your Pet or Pets.
• Use the sliding locks that come with the door kit to keep other animals out when you are away or asleep. Make sure your pet is safely inside before closing.
• Training your pet to use their new pet door may be a challenge. Some people like to leave the flap off for a day or two. It also helps to call your pet and offer treats or food through the hole from outside. When your pet goes through the pet door you should praise them loudly by saying; you are such a good doggy – while wiggling your own bum and synchronising your head shakes – good job! Be patient, some animals take longer than others. But when your pet does learn, they’ll love their newfound freedom and you will be relieved that they can take themselves outside todo their own business.
Question: Can I let the Cat out but also keep other cats out of the house?
Answer: Yes – Most Cat doors and specifically the Transact cat pet door does allow for an electronic upgrade to allow only your cat to have exclusive access to the door via an electronic collar. This means that the door is locked until the cat comes within approximately 1m of the pet door and this should help to keep other cats out.
Question: Can I use an electronic collar for my Dog Door?
Answer: No – Most pet dog door brands do not allow for the Electronic Upgrade. The theory being that dogs should already be housed within a secure yard or fenced environment, making it is less likely that a random dogs will enter your house. Dogs are also more likely to injure themselves or damage the door if the electronic unit fails to open.
As a pet owner you face many considerations and responsibilities. Likewise GlassNow takes the installation of cat and dog pet doors seriously. As such we can help you as a pet owner in two ways;

Scenario 1; (Labour only) – Installation of pet door into Glass. GlassNow can install any brand of Pet door quickly and easily into any type of Glass. Sorry we do not install into timber doors.
Scenario 2; Supply and Installation of a Transcat pet door into Glass. We recommend Transact – Dog and Cat door from

Simply supply GlassNow with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately. GlassNow specialise in installing any brand of pet door into any type of Glass, so if you live between Byron Bay and Noosa please give us a call today.

GlassNow – Pet Door Installation Process

Step 1, QUOTE. Simply supply us with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately.

New Picture

One of our friendly tradesmen comes to your home to measure your panel of glass where you would like you pet door installed to.

Step 2; TOUGHENING – We order a new piece of glass that is exactly the same size as the glass panel that you identify for the new pet door in Step 1, this new piece of glass gets a hole cut into the glass and then it gets sent back to the factory to become toughened glass.

We then order a new piece of the toughened glass with a hole in it for the pet door.

New Picture (1)

Step 3; FITTING – After receiving the new piece of toughened glass, we check all the dimensions are correct and contact you with an installation date

New Picture (2)

One of out friendly trade’s people returns to install the glass and the pet door.

Happy Pet – Happier Life for the Pet Owner

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Why You Need Proper Pool Fencing and Balustrading

It cannot be overstated the importance of having the proper fencing around your pool. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important is preventing children from falling into the pool and drowning. Even if you don’t have children, it has been known that kids in the neighbourhood might not resist knowing a pool is in your backyard. So, having the proper fencing is very important to prevent accidents from happening.

The same is true for pools at public places, commercial buildings, apartments, hotels and other places as well. While it may not prevent all tragic accidents from occurring, having a fence around your pool will act as a deterrent and may prevent the needless death of a child from occurring.

Proper Fencing Installation

In Australia, there are laws designed to ensure that the proper fencing and balusters are in place to create the safest conditions possible for your pool area. Any materials that you use in the creation of your fence or baluster must comply with Australian law. This means that you will need to have the area inspected to ensure that any access to the pool area can only come through a locked gate or passageway through the fencing itself.

Pool glass installation

Today, there are a wide range of fencing and balustrades that can be used to protect the pool area from the classic iron versions to modern, sleek styles that offer maximum protection, but also fully protect the pool area itself. In addition, pool railings, balconies and stairwells can enjoy this type of protection also when it comes to your pool. From aluminium to steel to wood and more, there are a number of unique designs that can be crafted to make your pool area safe.

Safety in the Design

You may have heard of instances where the fencing itself becomes an issue because kids can stick their arms, legs or even head through the fence and become trapped. In addition, kids may try to climb the fence and get stuck as well. While there is no type of fencing that can prevent all intrusions from occurring, there are still plenty of types that can prevent accidents from occurring while preventing most types of unwanted entries.

  • One Meter High Railings: This is to prevent small children from climbing over the top.
  • 12cm Spacing in Vertical Components: This is to prevent a child’s head from becoming stuck in-between the fencing.
  • 100mm Maximum Spacing from Bottom Rail to Flooring: This is to prevent a child from going under the fencing.

By incorporating these elements into the fencing that is used around your pool, you can help prevent a terrible accident from occurring. You will also need to take into account any areas surrounding the pool such as trees or higher fencing that may allow a child to climb up and jump over the fence around the pool.

By taking everything into account when you put up your fencing and balustrades, you can have the most effective protection against the most unfortunate incidents from happening in your pool.

Create an Eco Garden

You can contribute to the environmental effort by creating an eco-garden that will provide you with much-needed fruits and vegetables that will nourish your body and save you money as well.

The first step is to set aside enough space to set up your garden. You will need to decide if the garden is going inside or outside your home. An indoor garden however will require extra attention and may need special equipment if you plan on going with hydroponics. An outdoor garden needs space, soil and compost for nutrients. While an outdoor garden is a bit messier and requires good weather, it does not take up any space inside your home.


eco gardening

Compost Heap

Compost is food waste and other organic materials that will provide the nutrients for your plants. Compost materials may consist of shredded paper, dead leaves, leftovers from meals, lawn clippings and so forth. A compost bin or can will allow the materials to decompose while generating its own heat as well. You can even add bone or blood meal to the compost to help boost the nutrient levels in the soil as well.

Drip Lines & Rain Barrels

You will use less water with drip lines and they will go right to the roots of plants as well. In addition, you can set up rain barrels to capture the water necessary for your garden as this will reduce even further your utility bills in taking care of your garden.

Use Plants Native to the Area

Basically, plants that are native to your region are the best for your garden as they are used to the environment. Such plants can go with less fertilizer, water and effort in making them grow.

Use Natural Protection

To help prevent plant disease, use natural products such as milk, potassium bicarbonate, cooking oil and even baking soda as they will help keep plants healthy while preventing certain diseases from forming. Plus, to keep out the pests you can go with ladybugs and other predator insects that prey on the bugs which otherwise would feast in your garden.

Use Hand Tools

The old fashioned gardening tools are often the best in weeding your garden. However, you can use electric versions of some tools such as weed eaters, leaf blowers and tillers for additional work.

Weed Judiciously

You need not be a neat freak, but for every weed that gets into your garden that is one more plant that is taking away water and nutrients that otherwise would go to your plants. You might use composting materials or simply select a day or two each week to inspect your garden and root out the weeds before they can take hold.

Plant Trees

Trees near your garden create shade and protection for many of the creatures that live in your neighbourhood. Plus, they provide a healthy atmosphere as well thanks to their oxygen-generating capabilities.

An eco-friendly garden is one that will provide you with the food for the table while making good use out of your land as well.