New Trendy Obscured Glass Styles

Obscured glass is used to create privacy and is most commonly found in the bathroom. Privacy may also be required on balconies, kitchens or where you wish to stop others looking in. We are currently stocking an exciting range of 14 new obscured styles, that will create a modern or designer look. Perfect for a bathroom renovation, balcony makeover or kitchen splashbacks. These new styles will help you to create a sense of style and luxury.
These new patterns do have some advantages over the traditional sandblasted designer techniques. It is much faster and cheaper to choose a pattern than getting a custom project sandblasted to your individual design requirements. These designs allow you to create decorative glass options such as pattern splashbacks and pattern mirrors.
Glass Now provides a wide range of glazing solutions for the residential or commercial building owner. Our core business is 24hr 7-day emergency glass repair service. We also provide a range of glazing solutions and products for the home renovator, builders, shop fitters, etc.
We have recently acquired a range of designer glass styles that are refreshingly new and very trendy. If you are looking for the WOW factor, read on!
Below are three samples of the exciting new range of modern and trendy glass patterns. The range is referred to as “opti” being a low-iron glazing product. Normal float glass tends to have a slight green tint. Low iron gives the glass a clearer appearance. So drop into our showroom in Nerang to look at the complete range.
obscured glass

floral glass pattern


designer obscured glass

designer obscured glass

Trendy glass pattern

Trendy glass pattern

Obscured Glass

Patterns are typically supplied in 6mm and 10mm toughened glass. Call us to discuss as we maybe able to customise the order for other glass sizes and laminated glass options if required.

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Impacts of Glazing on Passive Cooling your home

Passive heating comes from only one source the sun or solar radiation. Passive cooling comes from many sources; air movement, outside breeze, evaporation, earth coupling and reflection radiation.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane are considered a warm or temperate climate which then requires both the heating and cooling design requirements for your residential or business dwellings.

For example at my home in Burleigh Heads, we do not have air conditioning, from November to May we rely on the sea breeze or fans, to cool the house. This is passive cooling using free or low energy input solutions to cool your home.

The glazing design within a building will significantly impact the heating and cooling requirements. Apparently close to 40% of a buildings heat energy can be lost via the glass. More importantly, it is also reported that up to 85% of heat in a building will be gained via the glass. When renovating or building a new dwelling, window design will have a direct impact on the dwellings thermal performance (your comfort) and ongoing energy costs. Poorly designed glazing works as a passive heat load, not something you want.

In SE Queensland, it is important then to get the passive cooling of your building right and minimise the passive heat load.

Using cross ventilation, shade, films or tinting on window glazing can all help to prevent solar radiation or passive heat load. Additional structural passive cooling options may include lighter colours to reflect heat, thicker insulation and frame styles.

There is a huge range of glass windows styles and these will affect the impact on passive cooling.

For example window opening angles impact on how much cross ventilation can be achieved. The best windows for cross ventilation are louvres, hinged or pivoting windows as they open to at least 90°. Less effective window types for passive cooling are awning, hopper or casement windows, as these have short winders, providing smaller openings and less cross ventilation.

Consider installing new louvre gallery’s to allow breezes to pass through the building. Use of obscured glass will also help to maintain privacy and security. For passive cooling consider louvre placement, above doors or in internal walls to improve cross ventilation.

Glazing has the ability to make your home more liveable for more information –

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GlassNow other Services

GlassNow Services

As licensed glaziers at all times we comply with AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential, glass and glazing.

Emergency Replacement Glass; 24hr 7 day service, all suburbs of Brisbane & Gold Coast

CM3 Certified – cost effective glazing services for Body Corporate, Property Managers, Schools, Shopping Centres, Medical and Government small to large commercial buildings

Commercial Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro Refitting, Swap out
Fit to prepared openings
UV and Glass to Metal Bonding – Bainmaree,
Compliance Audit to the current AS 1288:2006 standards
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders

Domestic Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro refitting, Swap out
All Mirrors
All Splashbacks
Lead light
Pet doors
Table tops and shelves
Oven doors
Security and Fly Screens
Vehicle side mirrors
New Shower screens
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders
Maintenance for frameless shower screens only

Why GlassNow?
Competitive rates , Established for over 23 years, Only qualified and insured tradesmen sent to work sites, Free on site quotes where required, Public Liability Insurance to the value of $ 20,000,000, Australian owned and operated factory with 10+ mobile vehicles, No job too small

CM3 Pre-qualified #013830
BAS Contractor Registration # 861238
QBCC Licenses # 1003091
Member of Master builders # 22246
Accredited Member of Australian Glass Association # C3306

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Pet Door – Does your best friend have their own door?

Does your best friend have their own door?
Are you are considering installing a new pet door for your beloved dog or cat? You’re pet may not always be your best friend, let’s face it when there has been an accident inside sometimes it can be messy and the smell can be even worse – oh BOY!! This is just the reason why your Pets deserve their own special entrance. You should consider some of the following points prior to ordering and installing a new pet door.
• Crawling or small children may access a pet door directly onto the street or a pool area.
• Dogs and cats should not be free to roam the neighbourhood.
• Buying the right sizing dog or cat door for your Pet or Pets.
• Use the sliding locks that come with the door kit to keep other animals out when you are away or asleep. Make sure your pet is safely inside before closing.
• Training your pet to use their new pet door may be a challenge. Some people like to leave the flap off for a day or two. It also helps to call your pet and offer treats or food through the hole from outside. When your pet goes through the pet door you should praise them loudly by saying; you are such a good doggy – while wiggling your own bum and synchronising your head shakes – good job! Be patient, some animals take longer than others. But when your pet does learn, they’ll love their newfound freedom and you will be relieved that they can take themselves outside todo their own business.
Question: Can I let the Cat out but also keep other cats out of the house?
Answer: Yes – Most Cat doors and specifically the Transact cat pet door does allow for an electronic upgrade to allow only your cat to have exclusive access to the door via an electronic collar. This means that the door is locked until the cat comes within approximately 1m of the pet door and this should help to keep other cats out.
Question: Can I use an electronic collar for my Dog Door?
Answer: No – Most pet dog door brands do not allow for the Electronic Upgrade. The theory being that dogs should already be housed within a secure yard or fenced environment, making it is less likely that a random dogs will enter your house. Dogs are also more likely to injure themselves or damage the door if the electronic unit fails to open.
As a pet owner you face many considerations and responsibilities. Likewise GlassNow takes the installation of cat and dog pet doors seriously. As such we can help you as a pet owner in two ways;

Scenario 1; (Labour only) – Installation of pet door into Glass. GlassNow can install any brand of Pet door quickly and easily into any type of Glass. Sorry we do not install into timber doors.
Scenario 2; Supply and Installation of a Transcat pet door into Glass. We recommend Transact – Dog and Cat door from

Simply supply GlassNow with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately. GlassNow specialise in installing any brand of pet door into any type of Glass, so if you live between Byron Bay and Noosa please give us a call today.

GlassNow – Pet Door Installation Process

Step 1, QUOTE. Simply supply us with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately.

New Picture

One of our friendly tradesmen comes to your home to measure your panel of glass where you would like you pet door installed to.

Step 2; TOUGHENING – We order a new piece of glass that is exactly the same size as the glass panel that you identify for the new pet door in Step 1, this new piece of glass gets a hole cut into the glass and then it gets sent back to the factory to become toughened glass.

We then order a new piece of the toughened glass with a hole in it for the pet door.

New Picture (1)

Step 3; FITTING – After receiving the new piece of toughened glass, we check all the dimensions are correct and contact you with an installation date

New Picture (2)

One of out friendly trade’s people returns to install the glass and the pet door.

Happy Pet – Happier Life for the Pet Owner

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Transforming the vision of what a yacht can be 

It used to be thought that there was only one design for yachts. But now, the world is literally your oyster with designer yacht concepts ranging from futuristic to historic.

If you can dream it, the chances are that a world class yacht designer can create it for you, and they will be able to add luxurious touches that elevate your dream to a reality in the form of a yacht that that will draw gasps from even the most jaded sailors.

blohm yacht

The curves and planes of these designer yachts are what dreams are made of. The sleek lines of a designer yacht make it a joy to behold both at dock and at sea.

World class designers vie to create the must have design, with some seeking inspiration from the past, creating yachts filled with nostalgia and drawing on the ocean going craft of bygone eras while others seek to create a vessel that brings space travel to mind.

Bringing their passion, vision and dreams to the drawing board designers create yachts that are both beautiful and functional. Lighting is used to draw the eye to the craft both through the day and at night, while the use of advanced aerodynamics allow the yacht to slice through the waves while keeping the pitch and roll under control.


No longer are new yacht owners faced with just one option, now the options and choices are endless. And all result in a yacht that is designed to meet the owner’s exacting needs and demands while clearly demonstrating to all the style and class that the yacht gives.

With designers as skilled as those who are working today, it is entirely possible to have your dream made reality, and within a budget that will delight.

Owning a yacht is a life style choice, and with the wonderful range of options and designs now available there has never been a better time to join the ranks of the world’s yacht owners.

Top Five Amazing Glass Houses 

The beauty and appeal of glass structures has evolved into some of the most impressive and amazing glass houses known to man. Glass allows nature to flood the home which is one of the reasons why these wonderful architects have spent their valuable resources in creating some of the most magnificent homes in the world.

TheGlass Cube

This is a huge corporate structure that is used for informal meetings and professional conferences. Built in 2007 in Bad Driburg, German, the pavilion style structure is constructed with a façade that is made entirely of glass and stands several stories into the air. These glass panels are frameless and extend over six meters tall, even fitted with specialized spring mechanisms to protect the glass from harsh weather and higher winds.Leonardo glass house

dRMM Sliding House

This home is shaped like a traditional four-sided barn that stands over two stories tall. But the intriguing difference in this structure is the end wall made entirely of glass and steel frames. This glass wall has the ability to extend approximately several meters with just the push of a button, effectively increasing the internal area of the structure as well. This retractable glass enclosure also helps to protect the design from the elements.

dRMM glass house

Watervilla Korenhoef

This home found in The Netherlands is almost entirely made of glass, resting on a body of water than can be viewed from all four sides of the structure. It even includes a lower basement level constructed of glass walls for a breathtaking view of the underwater world on which is sits. Its floor to ceiling glass walls make privacy difficult, which is why the bathrooms are located on the basement level underwater.

glass house

The Case Study House Program

The United States has its noteworthy glass homes as well. This impressive architectural dwelling was a design by world renowned designer John Entenza back in 1945. This was actually a pre-fabricated modular design that was an experiment to provide affordable housing to post World War II America. It came very close to being the model for the tract homes that later developed in the 1950’s.

The Case Study House Program

The Changgyeonggung Palace

This magnificent structure is perhaps the largest and most intricately designed glasshouse on the planet, used for housing rare and beautiful flowers and tropical plants. It is located in Seoul, Korea and is part of one of the 5 major palaces for their country. Designed by Architect Hayato Fukuba who is also famous for the architectural wonder of the Shinjuku Imperial Garden in Tokyo, the Changgyeonggung Palace was actually built and constructed by a French Construction company.

Changgyeonggung glass house

Man has long held a fascination with Mother Nature, and blurring the lines between interior and exterior home features is what makes these glass structures so appealing even decades after their initial construction. The challenge to provide a certain amount of privacy while maintaining the beauty and elegance of a glass house is another significant achievement that cannot go unnoticed. These homes sure are beautiful, but they also come with a great deal of cleaning bills!

The 10 Most Spectacular University Buildings in the World

Emporis, the Hamburg-based architectural data company recently released its list of the 10 most spectacular university buildings in the work. Citing these constructions as being lecture halls with dizzying heights, crooked seminar rooms and libraries with glass-domed roofs, Emporis points out that the old days of cold, brick walls with yellowed windows and fading paint that used to be associated with the hallowed halls of learning are swiftly becoming a thing of the past.

The List of the 10 Most Spectacular University Buildings

  1. In no particular order, here is the Emporis list.
  2. Philologische Bibliothek – Germany
  3. Lomonosov Moscow State University Main Building – Moscow
  4. Bradfield Hall – USA
  5. Campus Luigi Einaudi – Italy
  6. Graduate Center – UK
  7. Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower – Japan
  8. Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre – Hong Kong
  9. Sharp Centre for Design – Canada
  10. Swanston Academic Building – Australia
  11. Universiteitsbibliotheek – Belgium

All of the buildings that are presented on the list consist of a wide variety of structures ranging from the more traditional to the futuristic in terms of design, style and function. Each of these structures has remarkable, distinguishing features that helps set it apart from the skyline and create instant identification as well.

Of the 10 buildings that are listed, one of the most remarkable is the Swanston Academic Building which instantly catches the eye thanks to the jagged and wavy façade while the Lomonosov Moscow State University Main Building is the world’s tallest topping out at a remarkable 240 meters.

Other spectacular entries include Bradfield Hall located at Cornell University in the United States which is distinguished by the fact that it hardly has any windows. These representatives of a list of buildings that span around the world have in common the ability to create wonder and respect for the imaginative structure that they have.

The Changing of the Guard

Universities tend to grow in spurts instead of gradually over time. Many of the older university buildings of the 1960s and 1970s that feature the classic “chunky” design are being torn down today and replaced with new, modern buildings that feature the latest in examples of great architecture.

One example was the demolition of the old AfE-Turm building in Frankfort am Main in Germany. This very large structure was the Europe’s biggest inner-city controlled blasting ever to remove this building. Around the world, universities are looking into their budgets and tapping into new resources along with government institutions to create new, more interesting and exciting building to replace the stodgy, older ones on campuses.

This new movement towards using more dramatic designs has caused a revolution on university campuses that now are taking bold, new steps towards shedding their old images and creating a place where learning seems fresh and new. Given the changes in the modern world, we should expect to see more new, interesting architectural designs on university campuses that combine function with beauty, style and grace generally reserved for other types of buildings. Currently, there is no end to this trend in sight which means that more university structures may make this particular list in the near future.

Smart Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces need decorating. It’s just that they need a different approach to maximize the space that they have. There are many different decorating ideas that work well for small spaces that are not only pleasing, but can actually increase the appearance of space in that particular room.

What follows are just a few ideas for improving the appearance of small spaces that can add considerably to your home.

small house

Choose Light Colors: Adding light colors to a small room helps it to breathe and open up more. Even though you have not added to the size of the room, it simply appears larger and more comfortable. This is especially true in apartments where space is at a premium.

Wall Storage Shelves: Putting your storage shelves on the walls can save a considerable amount of space in the room, particularly kitchens and bathrooms which tend to be on the small side. In addition, many of these open shelves are attractive and even decorative depending on what is stored. Floor to ceiling shelves can save a considerable amount of space when used properly.

Fill that Nook: In many bedrooms, apartments and condos, there are nooks generally found between closet spaces which often go unutilized. However, by filling them with a home office, perhaps a desk and shelving you can add more function to the room while taking up little in the way of usable space. The nook makes the perfect desk area that gets used, yet still leaves plenty of open space to get to the bed or other place in the room itself.

Hidden Storage: Placing storage units under tables, sinks and other places can add considerably to the available space in your home while utilizing the areas which go to waste when it comes to storage. Imagine placing a storage area under the bathroom sink where you can place all the necessary items which helps clear up the clutter is a brilliant idea.

Curtain Dividers: If you need a way to make one small space into two small spaces, curtain dividers are the way to go. Curtains are very thin and take up little room, yet they create the division needed that can add to the illusion of a completely separate room. For example, in many apartments the living room and dining room are together, but a curtain can effectively separate them.

A Lamp on the Counter: For many small apartments where space is at a premium, creating a more intimate atmosphere is relatively easy to do by combining different areas of the room with common items. When you place a lamp on the kitchen counter, you are creating a more intimate area that combines existing spaces.

These are just a few smart ideas to help create the illusion of more space in small places. By keeping things practical and light, you can make the most out of the room available in the space that you have. Plus, all of these ideas are cost efficient and can be done quickly to create a better use of space.

Bedazzle New Year’s Eve with Simple Decorations

With the New Year on the horizon, turn the last night of the year into a spectacular evening. By using a few simple decorations, you can create an inviting and exciting atmosphere for your celebrations. Use creative and simple decorations to make the night a time to remember with your loved ones.

new year decoration


Decorate a featured wall with sparkly and elegant themes to celebrate the coming of a New Year. Try some of these ideas to create your theme:

  1. Party favors- String up 20-30 gold or silver party favors in a row. Hang on a focal wall.
  2. Banner- Write the phrase, “Happy New Year”, on brushed silver paper in black lettering.
  3. Lights- Use several strands of white LED lights strung across curtain rods to bring ambiance.


Get your tables and counters festive with some of these brilliant decorations:

  1. Party hats- Spray paint party hats with silver or gold paint and dip the edges of the hats in glitter. Set out on your table or counters.
  2. Trees- Use tabletop silver Christmas trees to bring brilliance to your theme. Set the trees on top of black material for a stark contrast.
  3. Tinsel- Snag the tinsel off the tree and sprinkle across the table cloth or counters.


Even your food is able to serve as decorative pieces. Arrange your snacks in some of these ways:

  1. Serving trays- Pull out your silver serving platters to display finger foods. Consider sprinkling white powdered sugar on the trays for contrast.
  2. Champagne glasses- Hang shrimp or cut cucumber slices over the rim of champagne glasses.
  3. Jars- Wrap a gold or silver festive mask around the outside of a jar. Fill the jar with cookies or other desserts for your party.
  4. Cake- Spread all white icing over a chocolate cake. Stick four or five silver party favors into the top of the cake.

Make this New Year’s Eve an amazing blow out to the year and ring in the New Year with excitement. For added beauty in your home, leave these unique decorations up for a few days.

Home New Year’s Resolutions

This New Year’s, consider making some resolutions for your home. Creating and maintaining a beautiful home will enhance your family’s life. Commit to bringing a healthy environment and clean living space to your house this year.

new year decoration


With each passing year, more and more items are added to your home. Knowing where to put these additions can be a challenge. This year, bring organization to your home with a few simple ideas.

  1. Baskets- On counters and shelves that tend to collect junk, place a decorative basket to catch those items.
  2. Shelves- Install shelves in an extra closet for excess linens. Add shelves to your laundry room for food storage.
  3. Storage bins- Buy containers that are flat enough to fit under beds. Use these containers to store off season clothing or other items that are used infrequently.


For the sake of your family, restore safety to your home environment. Don’t let these important safety checks slip by this year.

  1. Fireplace- For working fireplaces, hire a professional to come and clean out the chimney to improve allergen health. Unused fireplaces should be walled up to keep out the elements.
  2. Smoke detectors- Replace the batteries in all of your smoke detectors. Make sure that your detectors are still in working order.
  3. Filters- Change out the filters in your air return vents. This will increase airflow and reduce allergens. window repair

Repairs and Improvements:

Turn your focus this year on making the necessary repairs to your home. Take time to evaluate each room and make a note of the repairs that are needed. Add all repairs, even if they are minor, such as replacing a door knob or touching up paint on the wall. Create a timeline of when you would like to see each project accomplished.

Once you have repaired broken or old items, then you can tackle home improvement projects. Go back through your home and make a note of the areas in which you would like to see improvements. Keep a running list of these projects in a visible location to serve as reminders of your goals.