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As licensed glaziers at all times we comply with AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential, glass and glazing.

Emergency Replacement Glass; 24hr 7 day service, all suburbs of Brisbane & Gold Coast

CM3 Certified – cost effective glazing services for Body Corporate, Property Managers, Schools, Shopping Centres, Medical and Government small to large commercial buildings

Commercial Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro Refitting, Swap out
Fit to prepared openings
UV and Glass to Metal Bonding – Bainmaree,
Compliance Audit to the current AS 1288:2006 standards
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders

Domestic Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro refitting, Swap out
All Mirrors
All Splashbacks
Lead light
Pet doors
Table tops and shelves
Oven doors
Security and Fly Screens
Vehicle side mirrors
New Shower screens
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders
Maintenance for frameless shower screens only

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Competitive rates , Established for over 23 years, Only qualified and insured tradesmen sent to work sites, Free on site quotes where required, Public Liability Insurance to the value of $ 20,000,000, Australian owned and operated factory with 10+ mobile vehicles, No job too small

CM3 Pre-qualified #013830
BAS Contractor Registration # 861238
QBCC Licenses # 1003091
Member of Master builders # 22246
Accredited Member of Australian Glass Association # C3306

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How to make all white all right in your home

Many of us get intimidated by the idea of using white as a decorating colour, thinking that it will be too severe, too cold or too difficult to maintain, but actually all white is a great choice for a cozy, family home.

white wall

Follow our top tips to get the most out of your all white décor choices:

  1. Paint your walls white and then stand back to find out what speaks to you in your home. Do you have a great view or some architectural touches that can be highlighted and used to make your home spectacular as well as comfortable?
  2. An all white kitchen is fresh, modern and easy to maintain. All of the major appliance manufacturers and kitchen designers have a choice of all white products. Metal looks great with white so stainless steel appliances will fit in well, and a touch of copper in the lighting will highlight your white choices.
  3. Keeping white furniture clean with kids and pets isn’t a problem. Choose a fabric that you can easily clean, such as faux suede or denim and consider slip covers that can be removed to be washed when needed.
  4. Use your white background to highlight a favourite piece of art or other decorative touches. The white background will push the artwork forward, attracting the eye to it.
  5. Choose the right white. There are so many shades of white available with undertones of pink, blue, yellow, green and purple. Look at your surfaces and other choices to choose the right tone of white for your all white décor.
  6. Consider using different shades of white within the same tonal group to ‘layer’ your white décor. Upholstery in white can add texture and balance to your all white room.
  7. A base of white makes your home easily adaptable. In the autumn add some red, orange and yellow tones in throw cushions and rugs, and in the summer choose blues and greens to change up the seasonal look of your home.
  8. In an all white bathroom consider adding a wall of brightly coloured mosaic tiles in the shower or bath area to add that extra splash of style and wow factor to your elegant all white room.
  9. And remember that white isn’t just great for highlighting features such as crown molding or other aspects of your home but also is a great ‘eraser’ covering blemishes in the line of walls and ceilings.

Effects of Interior Design on Wellness

It is well known that a well-designed space induces feelings of well-being whilst a space that is poorly conceived and designed adversely affects not only our emotional but physical well-being. And recent studies have cemented this knowledge by quantifying how interior design affects the well-being of those who use the space.

Noisy environments affect inhabitants’ peace of mind and can cause anxiety and confusion while poorly designed layouts that are clumsy or difficult to navigate have similar effects.

A space that is designed with thought results in an atmosphere that can be restful or energising, helping the inhabitants reach a state of mind that is conducive to the activities that take place within the environment.

interior design

Medical facilities need to give mind to ensuring that patient areas allow for rest and recovery, with rehabilitation suites being designed to energise and motivate. Office buildings that fail to meet the socialisation and personal needs of staff will soon fall behind counterparts which include a lounge/eating area away from the workstations. Schools and other academic institutions with quiet areas for study soon reap the rewards of careful, thoughtful design and planning, with students achieving greater successes and maintaining lower stress levels while building self-esteem. And conversely there needs to be consideration given to privacy, with inhabitants of a space able to have privacy when needed. A lack of socialisation and/or privacy will equally lead to stress reactions in occupants.

Colour is also something that merits serious consideration, as the colours chosen for a space have a major impact on the mood and wellbeing of the inhabitants. Soothing, warm colours aid restful sleep, healing and meditation, while cooler, more active colours wake the senses and demand action. An incorrect colour choice can make an otherwise restful bedroom impossible to sleep in or cause drowsiness in an environment which demands action.

Consideration needs to be given to the correct lighting for each room. Rooms that have no natural light can cause stress if inhabited for long periods of time also have adverse effects on well-being.


Heart rate and blood pressure have been found to be affected by environment and it is vital that each space is designed to maximise its intended function. Positive stimulation in an environment will allow for the best possible use of each space, while a space that is too stimulating, in terms of lighting, colour and sound, can lead to inhabitants suffering from stress while at the opposite end of the spectrum apathy, depression and plain boredom can occur.

A well designed, thoughtfully decorated space will aid occupants achieve their aim at the same time as maximising well-being, while poor design will hinder results and result in decreased well-being.

Enjoy art into every area of your home

Most of us enjoy a beautiful painting or print to adorn our walls, adding style and elegance to our living, dining and family rooms. But what about the areas of our homes that are less traditional in terms of displaying a piece of art?


Your outdoor living space might seem an unusual place to display a prized work of art, but with proper protection from the elements and the correct glazing this can be a great way to bring your personal touch to an outdoor area.

patio art


A great way to bring some of the outdoors into your home, and to add a design touch without using up the precious wall space, is to place a selection of prints or photographs into your kitchen by having them screen printed onto glass fronted cabinet doors.

kitchen renovation

Another way to add beauty to your kitchen is to group some elegant mirrors or exquisite frames in one area. Bring serenity into your kitchen by using symmetrical grouping.


Your bathroom is your home spa and a carefully selected piece of art can help you set the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing soak. Make sure that your artwork is protected from steam and moisture to protect it from damage.

bathroom renovation


You spend time a lot of time in your laundry area while you wash, iron and fold, so why not add something beautiful and unique to the walls to add some pleasure?

painting house

Create your own art from pretty children’s clothes, that your children have now grown out of to bring back some great memories. Take all of those loose buttons from the drawer and use them to form initials.

Have these framed and glazed in interesting frames and enjoy them as you work.

Build it Yourself DIY Window Boxes

A great do it yourself project that could add value to your home as well as give it some unique charm is adding window boxes to the outside of your home. First you will need to decide on what type of wood you would like to utilize. A good choice would be pre-treated Cedar planks as this type of wood can withstand the drastic environmental changes outside. Cedar planks also give your house a natural rustic look.

timber windows

To begin this project, you will need to measure the length of the window you will plan on building the box under. This will determine the amount of wood needed as well as determined length needed to complete this project. Below you will find the dimensions and amount of wood needed:

  1. (2) ¾ inch cedar planks measuring 8 inches x the length of the window
  2. (2) ¾ inch cedar planks measuring 11 inches x 8 inches (this is for the sides)
  3. (1) ¾ inch cedar plank measuring 11 inches x the length of the window (bottom)
  4. (1) Pre-treated 2 x 4 cut to the length of the window.

Now you are ready to assemble your box.

First take the two 8 inch x window length planks and the two 11 x 8 inch sides and assemble them together portray a box using wood glue and clamps along with 1 ¼ inch exterior wood screws (ensure you secure them together well). Next take the 11 inch x window length plank and secure it to the bottom once again using wood glue and exterior wood screws. Ensure the wood glue is fully dried and all exterior screws holding your box together are tight – this will help increase durability.

Once window box is fully assembled and dried it is now time to mount your window box under the desired window. This can be difficult depending on how you mount it as the window box can become quite heavy depending on what you may plan on putting inside. I have found the best way to accomplish this is by using a cleat. In order to use a cleat, first determine where the bottom of your window box will sit outside of your window. This will help to keep it steady and secured to your home. Take the pre-treated 2 x 4 that is cut to the length of your window and mount it to the wall where the bottom of your window box will be by using ¾ inch concrete screws. Ensure that your cleat is leveled and in the desired position before mounting it.

Once your cleat is mounted set the window box directly on top of ensuring it is flush with the wall. Secure the window box to the cleat using exterior wood screws, screw from the inside of the window box into the cleat. (You may have to use a number of screws to be sure that the window box is securely mounted to the cleat).

Your window box now can be decorated and filled. If you are planning on using soil inside your window box, it is a good idea to use plastic planters or line the window box with plastic as this will help with durability as it will be exposed to soil and moisture which can damage the wood. Your window box can be filled with anything you desire; from plastic plants to pinecones or even sand and sea shells. You can customize your window box any way you choose. You are only limited to your imagination so enjoy!

Valentine’s Project: Build With Your Sweetheart

This Valentine’s Day, take some time to build unity with your sweetheart by tackling a fun home project. Working together to create something new is a great way to spend the holiday. Check out some of these simple DIY projects that can be accomplished in one day.

home project

1. Revamp the Bedroom

Take a look around your bedroom and tackle a project or two that will bring new life to your getaway spot.

  1. Picture Collage- Use an old wooden shutter to create a picture collage of special moments from your relationship. Paint the shutter a complimenting color and arrange the pictures in a decorative way.
  2. Wall Art- Glue small wood letters onto a blank canvas into phrases of love or endearment for your loved one. Spray the entire surface of the the canvas and letters with a light color, such as off white or yellow.

2. Ambient Lighting:

Hanging ambient light around your home can cast a romantic glow on your Valentine’s Day weekend.

  1. LED Picture- paint a canvas board with a dark solid color. Use an ice pick to poke holes into the canvas in the shape of your desired design. With white LED lights, poke the bulbs through the holes.
  2. Bulbs- Change the bulbs out in table lamps to red or blue to cast a beautiful shade onto the wall.

3. Spruce up the Entryway:

Make the front doorway of your love filled home inviting and completely stand out to the neighborhood.

  1. Paint- Pick a bright color to paint your front door, such as red or blue. Paint crossbars white for an added dimension.
  2. Plant Stand- If you have a covered entryway, paint a bookcase with the same paint as the door, and use for a potted flower and herb stand.

The Future of the Internet and Home Technology

In today’s day and time we use technology for lots of different things. We are attached to our smartphones like they are our lifeline and any new electronic conveniences are more than welcome in our world. Technology advances every day and most of the new and exciting gadgets and gizmos that are being developed, we don’t even know about.

We now are able to control our home security systems by our smartphones and we can move the camera angle of security cameras with them also. Take this and the technology that we have today and imagine it on the next level. Imagine appliances that can be monitored by your smartphone, and almost any appliance, big or small, can have remote controlled functions.

high tech home

For instance, imagine an oven that detects when your food is finished cooking. It will automatically cut off when the food has reached its temperature, and all you have to do is get your food when it’s done. Think of what this would do for added safety in our homes. There would be no more accidental house fires from something as simple as forgetting to turn your oven off, or any other appliances that produce heat.

There are small sensors that can be placed inside these appliances that will allow them to function at this high technology level. Imagine a refrigerator that can automatically adjust its temperature for each compartment depending on the type of food that is in it. Perfect temperatures for produce and meats, automatically sets itself. They could also detect when any foods inside of the refrigerator have gone out of date. No more having to worry about accidentally using something that is out of date.

high tech house

This is what our future holds for us, and who can complain? I know I would love to have such smart electronics and appliances, it takes the guess work out of everything. After all we are human and we all make mistakes, maybe the future of technology will help us in not making these mistakes anymore.

Bedazzle New Year’s Eve with Simple Decorations

With the New Year on the horizon, turn the last night of the year into a spectacular evening. By using a few simple decorations, you can create an inviting and exciting atmosphere for your celebrations. Use creative and simple decorations to make the night a time to remember with your loved ones.

new year decoration


Decorate a featured wall with sparkly and elegant themes to celebrate the coming of a New Year. Try some of these ideas to create your theme:

  1. Party favors- String up 20-30 gold or silver party favors in a row. Hang on a focal wall.
  2. Banner- Write the phrase, “Happy New Year”, on brushed silver paper in black lettering.
  3. Lights- Use several strands of white LED lights strung across curtain rods to bring ambiance.


Get your tables and counters festive with some of these brilliant decorations:

  1. Party hats- Spray paint party hats with silver or gold paint and dip the edges of the hats in glitter. Set out on your table or counters.
  2. Trees- Use tabletop silver Christmas trees to bring brilliance to your theme. Set the trees on top of black material for a stark contrast.
  3. Tinsel- Snag the tinsel off the tree and sprinkle across the table cloth or counters.


Even your food is able to serve as decorative pieces. Arrange your snacks in some of these ways:

  1. Serving trays- Pull out your silver serving platters to display finger foods. Consider sprinkling white powdered sugar on the trays for contrast.
  2. Champagne glasses- Hang shrimp or cut cucumber slices over the rim of champagne glasses.
  3. Jars- Wrap a gold or silver festive mask around the outside of a jar. Fill the jar with cookies or other desserts for your party.
  4. Cake- Spread all white icing over a chocolate cake. Stick four or five silver party favors into the top of the cake.

Make this New Year’s Eve an amazing blow out to the year and ring in the New Year with excitement. For added beauty in your home, leave these unique decorations up for a few days.

Decorating Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep each night is something that everyone can benefit from, but unfortunately not enough people take full advantage. This is because our bedrooms have become places to watch TV and engage in a variety of activities that have nothing to do with sleep.

In addition, the bedroom is often not decorated or properly equipped to encourage sleep, which means that we get less of it and our health will suffer. Fortunately, there are some simple, yet effective decorating ideas that will help encourage getting a good night’s sleep.

good night sleep

Lose the TV: One of the biggest inhibitors of sleep is the TV set, so remove it from your bedroom. The knowledge that the TV is there will often prevent people from getting enough sleep at night, so removing it to another room is highly recommended. This is also true for many of the electronic devices as well, including your smartphone or tablet. Other than the alarm clock, a device that may generate soft, relaxing sounds or music is about the only acceptable device that should be allowed.

Dim the Lights: Let the sunshine in the daytime be the only bright light that enters the bedroom. Using lights of lower wattage will not only create a more relaxing atmosphere, it will also save on your electric bills as well. If you do need a bright light for cleaning, then have a separate switch for that.

Cool Colors: Decorate your bedroom with colors that are cool and relaxing. Blues, purples and darker colors bring that sense of calmness that helps you get to sleep even faster. You can also add warmer hues, but make sure they are neutral in nature to create that sleepy environment. Soft peach, yellows and greens make an excellent balance of colors.

Remove the Clutter: A clean room free of clutter helps calm the nerves and clear the mind. Identify and get rid of all the clutter that is in your room. One way is to purchase storage units that fit into your closets so that you can maximize the space that is available. Keep the area around your bed clean as well which helps to bring that sense of clarity and calm.

Keep it Clean: There is something about a clean smelling room that makes sleeping a more pleasurable experience. Probably because that if something didn’t smell right, then the temptation to clean it may keep you up. Adding a pleasing fragrance also helps as will cleaning the linens on a weekly basis. The more that can be done to keep things smelling clean, the better and more restive the sleep will be.

Decorate to Your Tastes: A wonderful way to help get to sleep is imagining yourself in a place where you would like to be. A faraway island, along the beach, in the mountains and the like can be quite restful. By adding this decoration to your bedroom, you can then focus on what helps get you to sleep at night.

These are just a few ideas on how to decorate your bedroom in order to produce a better night’s sleep. Anything that can create a more restive, relaxing atmosphere will certainly help aid your slumber.

A Surround Sound You Can Snuggle Up To

Imagine snuggling up at night on your cozy pillow as you settle in to watch television. You cut on your favorite show and your pillow starts talking. This is definitely a surround sound that you can snuggle up to.

What is a Wireless Pillow Speaker:

A wireless pillow speaker comes in two padded speakers that insert into your pillow. These speakers provide comfort and good sound quality. You can easily use this in place of a high dollar surround sound system in any bedroom of your home. Two speakers give you the same effects of other systems without the additional cost.

pillow speakers


  1. Quiet- Using these speakers in your pillow will allow you to keep the volume of your television down. If you live in a small home or close to the bedrooms of the rest of the family, this can be a great advantage to using this device. It allows you to hear everything going on in a show without having to cut the sound up too high.
  2. Comfort- This sound system provides comfort to you as you sleep. This allows you to fall asleep without having to take the speakers out of your pillow.
  3. Music- Not only can you listen to your television with these, but you can also listen to music. It allows you to listen to soothing tunes without disturbing your special someone that is laying next to you.
  4. Timer- With a timer built in, you can set the speakers to automatically shut off at a certain time. This convenience allows you to fall asleep without worrying about being disturbed later in the night.

This is a simple enhancement to your bedroom that can be done immediately. Since the set up is minimal, you can install this device very quickly and have it ready to go by bedtime. What a great way to sooth yourself into sweet dreams.