GlassNow glaziers have completed police checks.

Australia: National Police Check

Glass Now glaziers work in all sorts of locations across SE Queensland and Northern NSW. We supply our services to all domestic home environments and a wide variety of commercial businesses such as schools, hospitals, public housing, aged care, etc. This puts our glazing team in regular contact with vulnerable and young people.

Recently some of our clients have asked us for police checks to be completed as part of their compliance obligations. These requests are a reflection on the increasing demands of compliance obligations for most small business within Australia. Glass Now was happy to comply with the requests of our customers and all staff has now completed the required process.

Our glazing team is in contact with a wide range of domestic and commercial environments. As such the range of people is as diverse, with young and old, sick and healthy and everything in between. Our glaziers completed the national police check because we are serious about providing the highest levels of service and professionalism. We take our business seriously as such we also take our customer expectations the same way. Having completed the police checks gives Glass Now confidence that we are on a path of continuous improvement.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Glazing

Author; Simon Vaughan

Impacts of Glazing on Passive Cooling your home

Passive heating comes from only one source the sun or solar radiation. Passive cooling comes from many sources; air movement, outside breeze, evaporation, earth coupling and reflection radiation.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane are considered a warm or temperate climate which then requires both the heating and cooling design requirements for your residential or business dwellings.

For example at my home in Burleigh Heads, we do not have air conditioning, from November to May we rely on the sea breeze or fans, to cool the house. This is passive cooling using free or low energy input solutions to cool your home.

The glazing design within a building will significantly impact the heating and cooling requirements. Apparently close to 40% of a buildings heat energy can be lost via the glass. More importantly, it is also reported that up to 85% of heat in a building will be gained via the glass. When renovating or building a new dwelling, window design will have a direct impact on the dwellings thermal performance (your comfort) and ongoing energy costs. Poorly designed glazing works as a passive heat load, not something you want.

In SE Queensland, it is important then to get the passive cooling of your building right and minimise the passive heat load.

Using cross ventilation, shade, films or tinting on window glazing can all help to prevent solar radiation or passive heat load. Additional structural passive cooling options may include lighter colours to reflect heat, thicker insulation and frame styles.

There is a huge range of glass windows styles and these will affect the impact on passive cooling.

For example window opening angles impact on how much cross ventilation can be achieved. The best windows for cross ventilation are louvres, hinged or pivoting windows as they open to at least 90°. Less effective window types for passive cooling are awning, hopper or casement windows, as these have short winders, providing smaller openings and less cross ventilation.

Consider installing new louvre gallery’s to allow breezes to pass through the building. Use of obscured glass will also help to maintain privacy and security. For passive cooling consider louvre placement, above doors or in internal walls to improve cross ventilation.

Glazing has the ability to make your home more liveable for more information –

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Free glass repair – do you qualify?

Let’s see how this might work for you.

Body Corporate businesses work on behalf of building owners and are traditionally bought and sold like any other business. Body Corporate Managers (BCM) are then engaged in a partnership with the owners and a Strata Management firm who provide administrative and secretarial services. The BCM provides a service, they should help with the day to day management of the physical property and its residents.

The BCM may even live in the building alongside the residents. On the Gold Coast and in Brisbane this is common practice and the BCM can even act as the leasing agent for the building. As a resident within a Body Corporate Structure, you will deal with the body corporate manager or a real estate agent, sometimes both.

Physical property is usually defined as the common areas such as halls, pools, gardens and typically all the exterior of the building, such as the roof, windows and doors. If you are an owner, renting or even on a short stay in a holiday unit you are responsible for the damage inside the unit. Break a mirror in the bathroom, you are going to have to pay for it.

The BCM acting on behalf of the owners is usually responsible for doing or organising the repair and maintenance of common property at the building. So here we go – do you qualify for free glass repair on the Gold Coast and Brisbane Australia. Well, Do YOU!!

First – you need to be a tenant in a building that has a body corporate structure?
Second – the glass repair (typically a glass door or a window) must be on the external wall or outside of the dwelling?

If you answer “YES” to both of the questions you should qualify and your body corporate should be picking up the bill, not you =

Glass Now provides glass and aluminium repairs 24-hour, 7 days a week. Our Mobile glazing service provides maintenance and repair of all window and door frames within all Tweed, Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redlands Bay and Brisbane Suburbs


Simon Vaughan Marketing Consultant

Ram Raid on Benowa ANZ

GlassNow was recently able to complete this shop front repair for the ANZ Bank in the Gold Coast suburb of Benowa Queensland. In this case a vehicle was used to perform a Ram Raid on the ANZ Bank.

GlassNow offers a 24hr emergency glass service which includes boarding up the broken windows.


smashed shop front

smashed shop front

GlassNow – fleet of mobile vehicles provide emergency glass repair

Did you know that GlassNow has over 10 vehicles on the road, which we use to service the greater SE QLD? These work Utes are customised as a mobile factory, allowing us to carry and cut most glass onsite at your home or office. This means we are able to provide a 24hr 7 day per week emergency glazing service.

glass now ute


Simon Says its as easy as 1,2,3

Are you looking to save your time and resources when sourcing glazing service’s in Brisbane.
We offer the best 24hr/7day glass replacement service specifically designed to support Brisbane schools, while providing the highest quality of safety and service.

fast glass service

Brisbane Glass Replacement

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