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As licensed glaziers at all times we comply with AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential, glass and glazing.

Emergency Replacement Glass; 24hr 7 day service, all suburbs of Brisbane & Gold Coast

CM3 Certified – cost effective glazing services for Body Corporate, Property Managers, Schools, Shopping Centres, Medical and Government small to large commercial buildings

Commercial Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro Refitting, Swap out
Fit to prepared openings
UV and Glass to Metal Bonding – Bainmaree,
Compliance Audit to the current AS 1288:2006 standards
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders

Domestic Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro refitting, Swap out
All Mirrors
All Splashbacks
Lead light
Pet doors
Table tops and shelves
Oven doors
Security and Fly Screens
Vehicle side mirrors
New Shower screens
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders
Maintenance for frameless shower screens only

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Competitive rates , Established for over 23 years, Only qualified and insured tradesmen sent to work sites, Free on site quotes where required, Public Liability Insurance to the value of $ 20,000,000, Australian owned and operated factory with 10+ mobile vehicles, No job too small

CM3 Pre-qualified #013830
BAS Contractor Registration # 861238
QBCC Licenses # 1003091
Member of Master builders # 22246
Accredited Member of Australian Glass Association # C3306

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Kitchen Trends for 2014

Our kitchens are the heart beat of our homes and the design of kitchens is always advancing. So what is hot in 2014?

kitchen trend

  1. Buying smart: with the economy being slow we need to buy for longevity. So neutral finishes are a big trend this season in cabinetry, countertops and flooring.
  2. Gourmet cooking features are important: such as induction cooktops and quality grills.
  3. Open floor plan kitchens are the way to go: as are built in and concealed appliances which give clean, sleek lines.
  4. Convenience is a main reasons for kitchen renovation: Cabinets and storage needs to be convenient, allowing you to store and access items easily.
  5. Multi-purpose: a kitchen is more than a place to cook. It needs to be a room for cooking, dining, socializing and for family use.
  6. Good quality cabinetry: this is essential to the longevity and aesthetics. Cabinetry that is well built will last, perform well and look great for years to come. In cabinetry, you get what you pay for.
  7. A great quality cooking appliance: be it a stovetop and oven or a range, depending on your style and space. Go for an appliance that is flexible, allowing you to simmer or power boost, and one that is easy to adapt and clean.
  8. Built in appliances: allow for a great look and are one area where you can go for the middle of the road price point.
  9. Lighting: this affects the ambience of your kitchen and allows you to set the mood. It can be an area where you can save money by choosing reasonably priced, great quality fixtures and fittings.
  10. Colour: off white, white and natural wood shades are all big this season and will last throughout the years.
  11. Dining areas: an essential in any busy kitchen, a place to eat and socialize or for children to do homework while you cook. An eating area is essential in today’s kitchen design.

Top Tips to Make Your Old Kitchen New

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of every home and if your kitchen is feeling a little frayed around the edges our top tips can help you give a burst of new energy to the heart of your family home.

kitchen renovation

  1. Change out of date, worn flooring with a solid wood, stone or tile to instantly transform the appearance of your entire kitchen. We might not always think about the floor but changing the surface gives a facelift to your entire kitchen. And these products are long lasting which make them worth the investment.
  2. Replace old metal work with new modern products. Instead of the old handles, faucets, lighting and range hood you already have kick your kitchen style up a notch with some of the new metals in use in kitchens. Try brushed aluminum, nickel, copper or stainless steel to modernise your kitchen quickly and with little fuss.
  3. Most kitchens have cabinets on the walls to give more storage space, but by removing them the entire view of your kitchen instantly becomes sleeker and more modern. Consider adding floating shelves and choose a great colour to make your kitchen warm, welcoming and uber sleek.
  4. In a kitchen the countertops take up a lot of space, so don’t suffer in silence with old, cracked or peeling laminate surfaces. Choose a stone, marble, granite countertop. Or consider cork, brick or tile as an alternative to the more traditional choices. Changing the countertops changes the entire look of your kitchen.
  5. In this era of environmental awareness bringing new energy efficient appliances into your kitchen not only updates the look but allows you to lower your carbon footprint. Low flow faucets cut your water usage and you can choose ‘touch free’ technology to help keep your family healthy.
  6. Bring seating into your kitchen to allow your family to spend more time in comfort in this great room. A banquette or bench beside a window makes a great place to relax and read or do homework, while stools with a breakfast bar give space for dining, too.
  7. Even on a tight budget you can update your kitchen by painting, staining or replacing your cabinet doors. Keep the body of the cabinet and replace the fronts giving an instant facelift that makes your kitchen sparkle. Choose between distressed doors, unique glazes and paint colours or doors with details. Just adding some colour to your existing doors will make your kitchen look like new.
  8. Lighting is vital in every room for function and aesthetics, and particularly in the kitchen you need to have lighting that is adaptable and meets all of your needs. Think of recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, or floor level lighting. An overhead pendant at a dining area adds a great look and the ambiance you want and need. And for a touch of glamour consider a great chandelier.
  9. Think about how to display your decorative items elegantly and with style. Family china or your cook books can be equally beautiful in your kitchen. Display under an island, or add floating shelves to your wall space. Remember that a bowl of fresh lemons can bring a zing to your room, too, for very little cost.
  10. If your kitchen was built years ago it could feel closed in. Consider the advantages of knocking down a wall to join your living or dining area to the kitchen space. Ensure that it is a non-loading bearing wall that won’t affect your structure and bring more light into your kitchen by opening up your living spaces. Make sure to consult a professional before taking a sledgehammer to a wall.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Island

No matter how well designed a kitchen is one thing we all crave is more counter space. And with a kitchen island we can have just that. No matter the size or design of your kitchen there is an island that will meet your needs.

kitchen island

Here is our list of the top kitchen islands, one of which is sure to fit into your kitchen:

  1. Built in Island – the kitchen is the heart of every home and your kitchen island can be the heart of your kitchen, with space for your family to gather, work and play together in the cozy environment of your kitchen and under island storage for pots, pans and other kitchen essentials.
  2. Mobile Cart Island – an island that is there when you need it and moves out of the way to create more space when you don’t need it. Consider a mobile cart with storage underneath to meet dual purposes.
  3. Re-claimed Islands – it may have been a dining table, a dresser or even a butcher’s block. Now, it is the extra counter space that you need in your kitchen. Restore and restyle an old piece of furniture to fit into your kitchen design.
  4. Small Space Island – an island with open storage underneath will give the illusion of space and light while offering extra storage space. Make your island work even harder by affixing hooks for towels and other kitchen items.
  5. Islands with Seating – the island can become the centre of your kitchen, with space for kids to do their homework while you prepare a meal. Consider tall stools to fit into a working height island to make it multi-purpose.
  6. Update your current Island – replace hardware, even doors, to give your kitchen island a face lift, or strip it back to the wood and give it an entirely new treatment to update your kitchen’s style points.

As you can see, there are kitchen islands to fit every space and meet every demand, so give your kitchen a makeover by adding an island that makes your kitchen space more versatile.

Top Ten Kitchen Renovation Tips

It is a well-known fact that a beautiful kitchen sells a home. So, when you are renovating your kitchen it is important to bear that in mind, but also to remember that you need to get the most for your money.

kitchen renovation

    1. Don’t overspend on your new kitchen. Most of us only design a new kitchen once in a lifetime, so we need to do our research and make sure that we are not overpaying for a great quality kitchen. Shop around; don’t go with the first kitchen company you come across. Ask family and friends for recommendations and for lessons they learned when they renovated their kitchen.
    2. Salesmen use many techniques to get us to sign on the dotted line. And telling us that this is a ‘one time deal’ is one of the most used. Don’t be pressured into accepting the deal, get an alternate quote. The offer might sound great, but shop around and you will find that there are very competitive prices for similar designs.
    3. Have a good look at the supplier’s samples in their showroom. Quality of both cabinetry and hardware vary widely and taking time to examine the samples is always time well spent. Suppliers who don’t want to let you spend time closely looking at their samples are not likely to do a great job installing your new kitchen. Also, consider asking for references from past customers. There is nothing like a great reference from a satisfied client to give you confidence before you buy.
    4. Work with a specialist kitchen manufacturer. Kitchens can be bought in all sorts of stores, but sticking with a kitchen specialist will ensure that you not only get the best advice but the best quality. The knowledge and skills of specialist kitchen companies can’t be replicated in stores that stock kitchens as well as other furniture or materials.
    5. Deal with a kitchen supplier who asks you what you want and need, not one who tells you what you need. If your supplier starts to push items onto you instead of asking what you want from your new kitchen it is time to consider a new supplier. Your kitchen should be designed for you, and not be a standard kitchen that is prebuilt and they want to sell. This is your new kitchen and it should be exactly what you need and a kitchen that will make your life easier and more luxurious. Your kitchen advisor should ask questions about your budget, needs and how you use your kitchen, so that they can give you the best possible advice.
    6. Get a clear and detailed quote. Make sure that everything is itemised and clarified. Ensure that the number of cabinets and the type are stated clearly. Make sure it includes every detail including the hardware. That means no nasty surprises down the line.
    7. Go for quality over saving a few dollars. Cheaper, imported cabinets and surfaces claim to meet standards but you can never be sure. Go with a supplier who uses locally produced materials and that meet national standards. This will ensure that you don’t discover a safety or quality issue down the line. You and your family will spend a lot of time in your new kitchen, so make sure that you get the quality that you deserve!
    8. Have your kitchen made to measure. Don’t buy standard cabinetry and try to fit it into your space with filler panels. Instead have your cabinetry made to fit your space. This will maximise the space and functionality of your new kitchen. And having your kitchen made to measure ensures that you get the perfect kitchen of your dreams.
    9. Make sure that your cabinet makers and stone masons are master craftsmen, who hold all the relevant qualifications and memberships. Professionals will be happy to discuss their experience with you. Check references of your kitchen installers, most kitchen suppliers can offer a choice of trusted, professional installers.

Ask if your salesperson is working on commission. Choose to work with consultants who have no vested interest in you spending more money but instead are concentrating on getting you the perfect kitchen for your family and lifestyle!

Outdoor Dining

Living in such a glorious climate there are many months of each year that we can dine alfresco and enjoy our outdoor living spaces.

But have you considered the additional luxury of a fully appointed outdoor kitchen?

Spending time preparing meals indoors to enjoy the food outside is great, but imagine the added value that an outdoor kitchen would bring to both your home and your lifestyle!

outdoor kitchen

When planning your outdoor kitchen there are several points to consider:

  1. For just a few thousand dollars you can have a state of the art kitchen installed on your patio that includes cabinetry, burners and a counter. You can literally have everything, including the kitchen sink!
  2. Choose the placement of your kitchen to blend in with your outdoor living area. You want to make the kitchen part of your alfresco dining experience.
  3. Do you want or need to have a full kitchen or is a sink and cooktop set into a counter surface sufficient for your culinary needs?
  4. A gas powered oven will also allow you to roast vegetables and joints or pop in a pizza. And the beauty of this is that you can choose to cook outside, even if you plan on eating inside, without having the extra heat of the oven increase your interior temperature.

Make the most of your outdoor space and enhance your lifestyle with the addition of an outdoor kitchen.

Whip Your Kitchen Back Into Shape: A Guide to Organization

Whether you are a messy cook or have just allowed your kitchen to get a bit out of hand, here are few organizational tips that will whip your cooking area back into shape. When counters, pantries and cabinets are cluttered, it makes the task of cooking harder than it has to be. Clean up your area with a few tips from this list of ideas.

Spice It Up:

Storing spices close to the stove is the best idea in helping a cook stay organized. Keeping them in cabinets or on the walls right by the main cooking area will lessen the clutter on counters while cooking. The spices can easily be located and put back in place when not in use.


For the best storage ideas for leftovers, only use clear containers. Keep the plastic wear close to the front of the refrigerator to avoid losing track of them. Using leftover vegetables, rice, potatoes, broths, meats, and other items can be great compliments to the dish you are cooking. Knowing exactly what you have on hand will save time and money.

Vegetables on Display:

Put vegetables and fruits out on display on top of your counters. Use racks that will help to stack them on top of one another. This provides you with a great way to decorate your home and keep those fresh ingredients handy.


Cooking Utensils:

Putting a utensil holder and knife block right next to the stove is helpful when cooking. You can easily grab these helpful utensils while you are making a meal. Having them out on the counter will keep them handy at a moment’s notice.

Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out, keep your kitchen tidy with these organization tips.

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

The kitchen space within your home is designed to be both functional and stylish. Updating your kitchen can create a new look within your entire home. By following remodeling design trends you can attain an elegant and distinct kitchen that looks appealing and functional.

Mixing Black and White

Contrasting colors is the best way to create a simplistic and stylish look. By choosing black countertops and white cabinets you can create a sleek and modern kitchen that is adored by all. Selecting appliance of one color will create a cohesive look that is perfect for your kitchen.

Advantages of Proper Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in every room within your home, but it is especially important in your kitchen. If you have a relatively small kitchen the space can be made larger by adding a chandelier light fixture that hangs over your kitchen island. This will create the illusion that your kitchen is larger than it actually is.

Mirrored Tiles

One of the latest design trends involves mirrored tiles that can be installed on your countertops or used as backsplash. These tiles create appealing light and shadow that can make your kitchen look more modern.


Farmhouse Motif

By adding old fashioned color patterns to your countertop you can create a remodeled kitchen that has farmhouse flair and style.

Large Kitchen Island

For cooking connoisseurs a large kitchen island located centrally in your kitchen will create a highly functional kitchen with immense space and neutral colors.

Much More Than a Kitchen

Due to the latest trends, kitchens are becoming more than just another room in your home. Instead kitchens are the prime location of beautiful decor items and oak flooring. Gold limestone countertops are also a new trend that is only increasing in popularity among luxurious kitchen owners.

Modern Updates

Some kitchens simply require a splash of modern flair to produce an updated and renovated look. By adding new appliances and pot racks, you can create a more modern and functional kitchen with ease.

Neutral Counter Tops

Soft lined and neutral toned countertops are the latest kitchen design trend that is gaining momentum. These countertops blend in well with a variety of kitchen styles.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans

If you have an open kitchen that is connected to your living space, it can be trendy to choose tiling or flooring options that match across both areas. This will create a cohesive and large space within your home.

Trendy Colors

Choosing daring colors can allow you to achieve a unique look within your kitchen. Red and lavender are two distinct color patterns that are popular paint options for your kitchen space.

Choosing the right Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become one of the most requested features for home buyers when on the lookout for new homes. Kitchen island not only provide a very modern looking design aesthetic but also helps save space by incorporating an open plan living and dining space. Even though these are a recent development, this allow two to three people to cook together, makes the stove accessible from all the sides of the space and make its counter top a good surface for serving meals. However, one must choose wisely, as not only does it add a new aesthetic effect to the kitchen, but also has many functional benefits.

kitchen island

Here are a few ideas that might help:

  1. Firstly, decide Where to put it. The obvious place is at a central point in your kitchen. Before you plan a kitchen island, make sure (whether in a showroom or a builder) whether you actually have enough room for the island at your expense. Equally, shoehorning in a wide island that steals unnecessary room beyond it will make the kitchen appear smaller.
  2. Secondly, what to put in it. Go with your own ideas. If you are a keen cook an island that houses the hob will allow you to face the dining room where your crowd will be gathered. However, it will also require it to be deep enough to allow some worktop space at the back of the hob for safety reasons, if not practical ones.
  3. What goes beneath really depends on your kitchen space. Extra drawers are a plus if you otherwise lack storage in your kitchen. However, if you already have enough space, indulge in luxuries.
  4. If you do not want or have a built-in kitchen island, there are a variety of options to choose from freestanding ones. The market is flooded with these and also adds the same aesthetic appeal as their more solid counterparts.
  5. You may also incorporating seating into your island, using bar stools, and/or chairs of your choice. But you must work around the size of your kitchen for this. If you have a long and narrow kitchen, make seating arrangements at the end of the island. This feature does not have to be made permanent to your prior arrangements for an island.
  6. Lighting comes in next. It is important that the lighting blends in. You want the light to come straight down on the island. The most common choice is recessed lightings. Another option is pendant lights, which hang from the ceiling. However, be careful with these. It’s easy to end up with them at wrong heights. Also make sure you opt for lightings which can be relatively dimmed when you are no longer in need of maximum illumination for working. Make sure everything blends in with the surroundings, though.
  7. Islands should mimic the rest of the kitchen, typically by using the same finish and from the same manufacturer, and don’t call attention to themselves.
  8. A well-designed island is a great place to congregate while at the same time separating those involved in cooking and cleaning from those who are just hanging out. After all, “Like it or not, everybody ends up in the kitchen”.

Top Ten Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

There are many different renovation projects that can transform the style and versatility of your home. The kitchen area requires design elements that yield distinction and function. There are many different kitchen remodeling design trends that combine contemporary, modern and traditional styles into one cohesive theme. It is simple to update your home through renovation and remodeling projects that are designed to match you preferences. Here are 10 easy design trends that are growing in popularity and are the perfect kitchen remodeling idea.


1. Transitional inspired kitchens have become the latest trend among homeowners. Transitional style combines both traditional and contemporary design elements to create a unique look that is set apart.

2. Transitional style also involves creating sleek and modern looks that make your kitchen more than just ordinary culinary space. By concealing appliances using cabinets and doorways, your kitchen becomes more functional an visually appealing.

3. A growing my kitchen trend that continues to be constantly changing is the color palate that is used to transform this space. Pops of color among neutral shades are a growing trend among individuals remodeling.

4. Although color is an important aspect of your kitchen, light is a critical element in every room. Modern light fixtures of the desired preference add elegance and style with ease. Installation of modern light fixtures is relatively easy and there are many different selections to choose from.

5. Modern light fixtures are the preferred choice of the primary light source in your kitchen, but recessed light fixtures are also becoming a design trend. These recessed lights can be placed above appliances or in cabinetry to make your kitchen areas more functional and enhanced with ambient lighting.

6. Along with lighting, flooring is also a key style component. Popular flooring options range from patterned and detailed tiles to more neutral and modern tile options. These flooring tiles can create a look that is set apart from other areas within your home.

7. Apart from flooring and lighting elements, the focal point of your kitchen is most likely your kitchen island. Throughout the past decade, kitchens islands have only become increasing popular and larger in size. You can use your island to prepare food and as a functional space that can also be used to display flowers or other appealing decor items.

8. Modern appliances are also growing in popularity, because they improve both the style and function of your kitchen. Sleek appliances are often found in both white and black options that blend well with existing kitchen decor.

9. Countertop kitchen remodeling trends have also been revolutionized in recent years. Glass backsplash tiles have become a growing design trend. These glass applications create a cohesive and distinct look match with traditional countertop tiles.

10. Therefore, the last kitchen remodeling trend refers to the traditional and neutral tile shades that are selected as the countertop option. These tiles complement the glass backsplash appropriately and add to the overall style.