Professionally installed pet doors, cat doors & dog doors

In Tivoli, Pet Doors can be a life saver, not just for pets, but for owners also. Our beloved puppies and kittens love freedom to roam and there’s no better way to offer them space and the ability to have a toilet break whenever they need, through easy access of one of our Pet doors. Our professionally installed pet doors offer you and your fur babies a better quality of life as they are no longer trapped inside when you are out, working, sleeping or pretty much anytime 24/7.

The Tivoli weather can be unpredictable and there is nothing worse than being away from home when the weather changes suddenly. We often get that sinking feeling inside imagining our pets shivering in the cold, shaking in fear, or worse, scratching or digging their way to escape when they hear the first sound of thunder. With draught proof, weather sealed pet doors, not only can your pet access the safety of your home, the whole family can stay warm and dry, no matter what the weather has in store.

Pet doors, cat doors & dog doors installed into glass windows or doors

With a variety of sized Pet Doors, cat doors and dog doors, even large dogs can run outside through the dog door to scare off any potential threat, adding security for your home in Tivoli. Not to mention offering that all important freedom to the independent cat that just needs to get away for some peace and quiet away from the kids through their very own cat door. With a four way locking mechanism and magnetised closures, your home can be securely locked and free from unnecessary flapping of those old school doggy doors.

No more getting up and down every two minutes for our anxious or over excited pets either, with all our pet doors easily installed into glass windows or doors, your cutest family members can have the independence to come and go as they please and you can get on with your life too. If you’re training an over enthusiastic, clumsy puppy and worried about safety, our dog door flaps are virtually unbreakable and we can offer the durability of safety glass to surround the pet doors for protection too.

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Our lifestyles are all different and our Tivoli homes come in a variety of styles these days too, so we’ve made our pet doors available to fit most glass windows or doors offering you a greater choice of which rooms to choose for your pets to access day and night. And you don’t have to compromise on style either as our dog doors and cat doors are designed to sit flush with your glass panel door or window keeping that sleek look for the modern Tivoli home.

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Stephanie Kong van Jaarsveld

Brilliant job installing a dog door on glass on the Gold Coast. Our dog is super happy and using it well. Cheapest price I could find. Excellent friendly customer service, helpful with enquiries and getting the job done efficiently. Thank you guys!

Stephanie Kong van Jaarsveld

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