New Trendy Obscured Glass Styles

Obscured glass is used to create privacy and is most commonly found in the bathroom. Privacy may also be required on balconies, kitchens or where you wish to stop others looking in. We are currently stocking an exciting range of 14 new obscured styles, that will create a modern or designer look. Perfect for a bathroom renovation, balcony makeover or kitchen splashbacks. These new styles will help you to create a sense of style and luxury.
These new patterns do have some advantages over the traditional sandblasted designer techniques. It is much faster and cheaper to choose a pattern than getting a custom project sandblasted to your individual design requirements. These designs allow you to create decorative glass options such as pattern splashbacks and pattern mirrors.
Glass Now provides a wide range of glazing solutions for the residential or commercial building owner. Our core business is 24hr 7-day emergency glass repair service. We also provide a range of glazing solutions and products for the home renovator, builders, shop fitters, etc.
We have recently acquired a range of designer glass styles that are refreshingly new and very trendy. If you are looking for the WOW factor, read on!
Below are three samples of the exciting new range of modern and trendy glass patterns. The range is referred to as “opti” being a low-iron glazing product. Normal float glass tends to have a slight green tint. Low iron gives the glass a clearer appearance. So drop into our showroom in Nerang to look at the complete range.
obscured glass

floral glass pattern


designer obscured glass

designer obscured glass

Trendy glass pattern

Trendy glass pattern

Obscured Glass

Patterns are typically supplied in 6mm and 10mm toughened glass. Call us to discuss as we maybe able to customise the order for other glass sizes and laminated glass options if required.

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Pet Door – Does your best friend have their own door?

Does your best friend have their own door?
Are you are considering installing a new pet door for your beloved dog or cat? You’re pet may not always be your best friend, let’s face it when there has been an accident inside sometimes it can be messy and the smell can be even worse – oh BOY!! This is just the reason why your Pets deserve their own special entrance. You should consider some of the following points prior to ordering and installing a new pet door.
• Crawling or small children may access a pet door directly onto the street or a pool area.
• Dogs and cats should not be free to roam the neighbourhood.
• Buying the right sizing dog or cat door for your Pet or Pets.
• Use the sliding locks that come with the door kit to keep other animals out when you are away or asleep. Make sure your pet is safely inside before closing.
• Training your pet to use their new pet door may be a challenge. Some people like to leave the flap off for a day or two. It also helps to call your pet and offer treats or food through the hole from outside. When your pet goes through the pet door you should praise them loudly by saying; you are such a good doggy – while wiggling your own bum and synchronising your head shakes – good job! Be patient, some animals take longer than others. But when your pet does learn, they’ll love their newfound freedom and you will be relieved that they can take themselves outside todo their own business.
Question: Can I let the Cat out but also keep other cats out of the house?
Answer: Yes – Most Cat doors and specifically the Transact cat pet door does allow for an electronic upgrade to allow only your cat to have exclusive access to the door via an electronic collar. This means that the door is locked until the cat comes within approximately 1m of the pet door and this should help to keep other cats out.
Question: Can I use an electronic collar for my Dog Door?
Answer: No – Most pet dog door brands do not allow for the Electronic Upgrade. The theory being that dogs should already be housed within a secure yard or fenced environment, making it is less likely that a random dogs will enter your house. Dogs are also more likely to injure themselves or damage the door if the electronic unit fails to open.
As a pet owner you face many considerations and responsibilities. Likewise GlassNow takes the installation of cat and dog pet doors seriously. As such we can help you as a pet owner in two ways;

Scenario 1; (Labour only) – Installation of pet door into Glass. GlassNow can install any brand of Pet door quickly and easily into any type of Glass. Sorry we do not install into timber doors.
Scenario 2; Supply and Installation of a Transcat pet door into Glass. We recommend Transact – Dog and Cat door from

Simply supply GlassNow with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately. GlassNow specialise in installing any brand of pet door into any type of Glass, so if you live between Byron Bay and Noosa please give us a call today.

GlassNow – Pet Door Installation Process

Step 1, QUOTE. Simply supply us with a rough size of the glass panel either via our quote form on our website or by phone and we can give you an accurate quote immediately.

New Picture

One of our friendly tradesmen comes to your home to measure your panel of glass where you would like you pet door installed to.

Step 2; TOUGHENING – We order a new piece of glass that is exactly the same size as the glass panel that you identify for the new pet door in Step 1, this new piece of glass gets a hole cut into the glass and then it gets sent back to the factory to become toughened glass.

We then order a new piece of the toughened glass with a hole in it for the pet door.

New Picture (1)

Step 3; FITTING – After receiving the new piece of toughened glass, we check all the dimensions are correct and contact you with an installation date

New Picture (2)

One of out friendly trade’s people returns to install the glass and the pet door.

Happy Pet – Happier Life for the Pet Owner

New Picture (3)Author Simon Vaughan marketing consultant at

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

The kitchen space within your home is designed to be both functional and stylish. Updating your kitchen can create a new look within your entire home. By following remodeling design trends you can attain an elegant and distinct kitchen that looks appealing and functional.

Mixing Black and White

Contrasting colors is the best way to create a simplistic and stylish look. By choosing black countertops and white cabinets you can create a sleek and modern kitchen that is adored by all. Selecting appliance of one color will create a cohesive look that is perfect for your kitchen.

Advantages of Proper Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in every room within your home, but it is especially important in your kitchen. If you have a relatively small kitchen the space can be made larger by adding a chandelier light fixture that hangs over your kitchen island. This will create the illusion that your kitchen is larger than it actually is.

Mirrored Tiles

One of the latest design trends involves mirrored tiles that can be installed on your countertops or used as backsplash. These tiles create appealing light and shadow that can make your kitchen look more modern.


Farmhouse Motif

By adding old fashioned color patterns to your countertop you can create a remodeled kitchen that has farmhouse flair and style.

Large Kitchen Island

For cooking connoisseurs a large kitchen island located centrally in your kitchen will create a highly functional kitchen with immense space and neutral colors.

Much More Than a Kitchen

Due to the latest trends, kitchens are becoming more than just another room in your home. Instead kitchens are the prime location of beautiful decor items and oak flooring. Gold limestone countertops are also a new trend that is only increasing in popularity among luxurious kitchen owners.

Modern Updates

Some kitchens simply require a splash of modern flair to produce an updated and renovated look. By adding new appliances and pot racks, you can create a more modern and functional kitchen with ease.

Neutral Counter Tops

Soft lined and neutral toned countertops are the latest kitchen design trend that is gaining momentum. These countertops blend in well with a variety of kitchen styles.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans

If you have an open kitchen that is connected to your living space, it can be trendy to choose tiling or flooring options that match across both areas. This will create a cohesive and large space within your home.

Trendy Colors

Choosing daring colors can allow you to achieve a unique look within your kitchen. Red and lavender are two distinct color patterns that are popular paint options for your kitchen space.

Smart Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces need decorating. It’s just that they need a different approach to maximize the space that they have. There are many different decorating ideas that work well for small spaces that are not only pleasing, but can actually increase the appearance of space in that particular room.

What follows are just a few ideas for improving the appearance of small spaces that can add considerably to your home.

small house

Choose Light Colors: Adding light colors to a small room helps it to breathe and open up more. Even though you have not added to the size of the room, it simply appears larger and more comfortable. This is especially true in apartments where space is at a premium.

Wall Storage Shelves: Putting your storage shelves on the walls can save a considerable amount of space in the room, particularly kitchens and bathrooms which tend to be on the small side. In addition, many of these open shelves are attractive and even decorative depending on what is stored. Floor to ceiling shelves can save a considerable amount of space when used properly.

Fill that Nook: In many bedrooms, apartments and condos, there are nooks generally found between closet spaces which often go unutilized. However, by filling them with a home office, perhaps a desk and shelving you can add more function to the room while taking up little in the way of usable space. The nook makes the perfect desk area that gets used, yet still leaves plenty of open space to get to the bed or other place in the room itself.

Hidden Storage: Placing storage units under tables, sinks and other places can add considerably to the available space in your home while utilizing the areas which go to waste when it comes to storage. Imagine placing a storage area under the bathroom sink where you can place all the necessary items which helps clear up the clutter is a brilliant idea.

Curtain Dividers: If you need a way to make one small space into two small spaces, curtain dividers are the way to go. Curtains are very thin and take up little room, yet they create the division needed that can add to the illusion of a completely separate room. For example, in many apartments the living room and dining room are together, but a curtain can effectively separate them.

A Lamp on the Counter: For many small apartments where space is at a premium, creating a more intimate atmosphere is relatively easy to do by combining different areas of the room with common items. When you place a lamp on the kitchen counter, you are creating a more intimate area that combines existing spaces.

These are just a few smart ideas to help create the illusion of more space in small places. By keeping things practical and light, you can make the most out of the room available in the space that you have. Plus, all of these ideas are cost efficient and can be done quickly to create a better use of space.

Top Ten Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

There are many different renovation projects that can transform the style and versatility of your home. The kitchen area requires design elements that yield distinction and function. There are many different kitchen remodeling design trends that combine contemporary, modern and traditional styles into one cohesive theme. It is simple to update your home through renovation and remodeling projects that are designed to match you preferences. Here are 10 easy design trends that are growing in popularity and are the perfect kitchen remodeling idea.


1. Transitional inspired kitchens have become the latest trend among homeowners. Transitional style combines both traditional and contemporary design elements to create a unique look that is set apart.

2. Transitional style also involves creating sleek and modern looks that make your kitchen more than just ordinary culinary space. By concealing appliances using cabinets and doorways, your kitchen becomes more functional an visually appealing.

3. A growing my kitchen trend that continues to be constantly changing is the color palate that is used to transform this space. Pops of color among neutral shades are a growing trend among individuals remodeling.

4. Although color is an important aspect of your kitchen, light is a critical element in every room. Modern light fixtures of the desired preference add elegance and style with ease. Installation of modern light fixtures is relatively easy and there are many different selections to choose from.

5. Modern light fixtures are the preferred choice of the primary light source in your kitchen, but recessed light fixtures are also becoming a design trend. These recessed lights can be placed above appliances or in cabinetry to make your kitchen areas more functional and enhanced with ambient lighting.

6. Along with lighting, flooring is also a key style component. Popular flooring options range from patterned and detailed tiles to more neutral and modern tile options. These flooring tiles can create a look that is set apart from other areas within your home.

7. Apart from flooring and lighting elements, the focal point of your kitchen is most likely your kitchen island. Throughout the past decade, kitchens islands have only become increasing popular and larger in size. You can use your island to prepare food and as a functional space that can also be used to display flowers or other appealing decor items.

8. Modern appliances are also growing in popularity, because they improve both the style and function of your kitchen. Sleek appliances are often found in both white and black options that blend well with existing kitchen decor.

9. Countertop kitchen remodeling trends have also been revolutionized in recent years. Glass backsplash tiles have become a growing design trend. These glass applications create a cohesive and distinct look match with traditional countertop tiles.

10. Therefore, the last kitchen remodeling trend refers to the traditional and neutral tile shades that are selected as the countertop option. These tiles complement the glass backsplash appropriately and add to the overall style.

Create Your Dream Bathroom with the Reece 3D Bathroom Planner

If you are planning to build a new bathroom or renovate one in your home, it is now easier than ever thanks to the new 3D Bathroom Planner from Reece. This is a new, innovating online tool that helps you plan and design a new bathroom based on your own thoughts and designs. What was once difficult to translate from your own thoughts to reality is now far easier thanks to this new 3D Bathroom Planner.


What is the Reece 3D Bathroom Planner?

Essentially, this is a tool that you can use to build your new bathroom in an online environment with all the Reece bathroom products included. This means that you can recreate your bathroom and mix and match different Reece items until you get the look that you desire.

Once completed, you can save what has been created to use as a guide for building or renovating your bathroom. The process is made so easy thanks to the 3D platform which allows for a much better feel of what the bathroom will look like when completed.

Plus, by choosing from the complete range of Reece products, you can not only preview how they will look, but also choose the different lighting, tiles and fittings as well to round out the bathroom. With this tool, you can not only move around the products, you can change the lighting, adjust the color and patterns of the tile, and even add more unusual features to match what you want to accomplish.

The Advantages of the Reece 3D Bathroom Planner

Naturally, the biggest advantage is that you can better plan your new bathroom or finalize what your remodeling efforts for your bathroom will be.

Easy to Use: This online tool is designed to be simple and straightforward so even people with little experience can quickly understand and use the 3D Bathroom Planner. Before long, they are moving and switching products inside the 3D environment.

Better Planning: While most bathroom constructions or renovations are fairly straightforward in terms of planning, it can be difficult to accurately imaging the space and how new products will fit. With this 3D Bathroom Planner, it becomes much easier to see exactly how different items will integrate with your new bathroom.

Remove Intimidation Factor: When planning a new bathroom, it can be quite intimidating to relate just how everything will fit together. However, this new online tool removes all that by presenting an accurate three dimensional image of just how it will look. This means whether you do the renovation or building yourself or hire a professional crew, you will have a plan that easily demonstrates what you want to accomplish.

Finally, you can view your completed design from any perspective. Whether you choose overhead, from the side or the interior, you can save your plan at any angle. Plus, you can incorporate the specific dimensions of the room, including power outlets, plumbing and door spaces to account for the entire bathroom.

The Reece 3D Bathroom Planner lets you design your dream bathroom thanks is simple, straightforward approach that provides excellent results. Plus, you can share the plans of your dream bathroom as well, including all floorplans, multiple views and elevations as well.