New Trendy Obscured Glass Styles

Obscured glass is used to create privacy and is most commonly found in the bathroom. Privacy may also be required on balconies, kitchens or where you wish to stop others looking in. We are currently stocking an exciting range of 14 new obscured styles, that will create a modern or designer look. Perfect for a bathroom renovation, balcony makeover or kitchen splashbacks. These new styles will help you to create a sense of style and luxury.
These new patterns do have some advantages over the traditional sandblasted designer techniques. It is much faster and cheaper to choose a pattern than getting a custom project sandblasted to your individual design requirements. These designs allow you to create decorative glass options such as pattern splashbacks and pattern mirrors.
Glass Now provides a wide range of glazing solutions for the residential or commercial building owner. Our core business is 24hr 7-day emergency glass repair service. We also provide a range of glazing solutions and products for the home renovator, builders, shop fitters, etc.
We have recently acquired a range of designer glass styles that are refreshingly new and very trendy. If you are looking for the WOW factor, read on!
Below are three samples of the exciting new range of modern and trendy glass patterns. The range is referred to as “opti” being a low-iron glazing product. Normal float glass tends to have a slight green tint. Low iron gives the glass a clearer appearance. So drop into our showroom in Nerang to look at the complete range.
obscured glass

floral glass pattern


designer obscured glass

designer obscured glass

Trendy glass pattern

Trendy glass pattern

Obscured Glass

Patterns are typically supplied in 6mm and 10mm toughened glass. Call us to discuss as we maybe able to customise the order for other glass sizes and laminated glass options if required.

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GlassNow Services

As licensed glaziers at all times we comply with AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential, glass and glazing.

Emergency Replacement Glass; 24hr 7 day service, all suburbs of Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Commercial Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro Refitting, Swap out
Fit to prepared openings
UV and Glass to Metal Bonding – Bainmaree,
Compliance Audit to the current AS 1288:2006 standards
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders

Domestic Services
Glass Replacement – Reglazing, Retro refitting, Swap out
All Mirrors
All Splashbacks
Lead light
Pet doors
Table tops and shelves
Oven doors
Security and Fly Screens
Vehicle side mirrors
New Shower screens
Maintenance for WINDOW openers, closers, rollers, hinges, screens and sliders
Maintenance for DOOR pivots, hinges, openers, closers, rollers, screens and sliders
Maintenance for frameless shower screens only

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Competitive rates , Established for over 23 years, Only qualified and insured tradesmen sent to work sites, Free on site quotes where required, Public Liability Insurance to the value of $ 20,000,000, Australian owned and operated factory with 10+ mobile vehicles, No job too small

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Accredited Member of Australian Glass Association # C3306

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Create an Eco Garden

You can contribute to the environmental effort by creating an eco-garden that will provide you with much-needed fruits and vegetables that will nourish your body and save you money as well.

The first step is to set aside enough space to set up your garden. You will need to decide if the garden is going inside or outside your home. An indoor garden however will require extra attention and may need special equipment if you plan on going with hydroponics. An outdoor garden needs space, soil and compost for nutrients. While an outdoor garden is a bit messier and requires good weather, it does not take up any space inside your home.


eco gardening

Compost Heap

Compost is food waste and other organic materials that will provide the nutrients for your plants. Compost materials may consist of shredded paper, dead leaves, leftovers from meals, lawn clippings and so forth. A compost bin or can will allow the materials to decompose while generating its own heat as well. You can even add bone or blood meal to the compost to help boost the nutrient levels in the soil as well.

Drip Lines & Rain Barrels

You will use less water with drip lines and they will go right to the roots of plants as well. In addition, you can set up rain barrels to capture the water necessary for your garden as this will reduce even further your utility bills in taking care of your garden.

Use Plants Native to the Area

Basically, plants that are native to your region are the best for your garden as they are used to the environment. Such plants can go with less fertilizer, water and effort in making them grow.

Use Natural Protection

To help prevent plant disease, use natural products such as milk, potassium bicarbonate, cooking oil and even baking soda as they will help keep plants healthy while preventing certain diseases from forming. Plus, to keep out the pests you can go with ladybugs and other predator insects that prey on the bugs which otherwise would feast in your garden.

Use Hand Tools

The old fashioned gardening tools are often the best in weeding your garden. However, you can use electric versions of some tools such as weed eaters, leaf blowers and tillers for additional work.

Weed Judiciously

You need not be a neat freak, but for every weed that gets into your garden that is one more plant that is taking away water and nutrients that otherwise would go to your plants. You might use composting materials or simply select a day or two each week to inspect your garden and root out the weeds before they can take hold.

Plant Trees

Trees near your garden create shade and protection for many of the creatures that live in your neighbourhood. Plus, they provide a healthy atmosphere as well thanks to their oxygen-generating capabilities.

An eco-friendly garden is one that will provide you with the food for the table while making good use out of your land as well.

The Chemical Free Way of Killing Bed Bugs

It was not long ago that bed bugs were considered eradicated in most countries. The saying “good night and don’t let the beg bugs bite” had lost a great deal of its meaning to generations who have never experienced these types of bugs. Unfortunately, they have made a startling comeback and now they are infecting neighbourhoods both rich and poor.

Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Even posh hotels and mansions have experienced bed bug invasions and the reasons are numerous. First, DDT which was one of the few types of chemicals that actually killed bed bugs was banned a number of years ago because it negatively affected humans as well. Plus, many of the preventative steps that people used to take in their homes to prevent or stop a bed bug invasion have been in decline as well. So, it probably is not all that surprising that the invasion is back.

However, you do not need to use harsh chemicals in order to rid your home of bed bugs. In fact, there are even a number of steps that you can take which may prevent their incursion from happening in the first place.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

There are a number of steps that you can take, but remember that bed bugs are basically parasites that feast on human blood. They do not enter your home through the entranceways or cracks in your home like other insects. Instead, they usually invade because of people that come into your home. So, if you never have visitors, then you’ll never have bed bugs unless you bring them in yourself.

However, this may not be practical, so here are a few things to keep in mind to help prevent an infestation.

Cleanliness: Clean your bedding and put the dryer on hot to kill any bed bugs that might be living inside. You will need to vacuum your mattress and all the furnishings surrounding your bed as well since the bugs like to stay nearby. Using steam to clean your mattress will kill the bed bugs as well, but you may need a professional service to do that as well as clean your carpet which will kill any on the floor.

You’ll want to follow this up by clearing away all the clutter as well. By getting rid of the clutter under and around your bed, you reduce the number of places that bed bugs can nest.

Mattress Bag: This can help smother bed bugs and prevent them from getting to you. Be sure to inspect your mattress bag as well as your pillow for any tears or openings so that they can be sealed. This will help prevent the bed bugs from getting to you.

Tea Tree Oil: One interesting trick is to put tea tree oil in cups and then put each leg of your bed in the cups so that any bed bugs will fall into the “moat” and not reach you. Tea tree oil is a very strong antiseptic that should drown the bed bugs and not allow them to crawl up into your bedding.

A few simple steps can keep your bed from becoming a haven for bed bugs. By taking a few preventative measures, you can enjoy a bed bug free environment.

All About Squeaky Shower Doors and How To Fix Them

Queensland Shower doors sometimes get squeaky over time, and it can get annoying after a while. Fixing a squeaky shower door is relatively easy to do if you know what to look for. Let’s talk about ways to fix your squeaky shower door.

Check Your Shower Door Hinges

The first thing you should do is look at the door hinge and see if this is part of the problem. Make sure all hardware is in place and check for loose screws. Go ahead and tighten any that may be loose and this could help with the problem. You can also clean the hinges with soap and water. Using a small brush, like a toothbrush, is the best way to clean in the small crevices. Once they are clean rinse with water and move on to the next step.

shower door

Use a Lubricant

The next step after cleaning the hinges is to lubricate them well. Apply the lubricant completely around the whole hinge. Wipe away any excess and open and close the door several times, this will help the lubricant to spread completely. Your shower door should now operate without any squeaky noises. To keep your hinges from squeaking in the future you should apply a lubricant every few weeks.

What To Do If You’re Doors are Still Squeaking

If the steps above didn’t work for you, you will need to do a more thorough cleaning. Check the entire door frame for any obvious problems with any missing parts. Also, if you find any dirt and built-up grime you can use the same method as stated above, use a toothbrush with mild soap to clean the door frame.

You can also remove built-up corrosion to help aid in fixing your squeaky door. Place a few towels under the door in and outside of the shower door frame. You can then use the shower spray to go over all hinges and areas around it as well. The water pressure from the spray will penetrate inside of the small crevices and loosen up any corrosion.

GlassNow sell new showerscreens throughout SEQld we service from Tweed heads to Northern Brisbane Glass Showerscreens

How to make all white all right in your home

Many of us get intimidated by the idea of using white as a decorating colour, thinking that it will be too severe, too cold or too difficult to maintain, but actually all white is a great choice for a cozy, family home.

white wall

Follow our top tips to get the most out of your all white décor choices:

  1. Paint your walls white and then stand back to find out what speaks to you in your home. Do you have a great view or some architectural touches that can be highlighted and used to make your home spectacular as well as comfortable?
  2. An all white kitchen is fresh, modern and easy to maintain. All of the major appliance manufacturers and kitchen designers have a choice of all white products. Metal looks great with white so stainless steel appliances will fit in well, and a touch of copper in the lighting will highlight your white choices.
  3. Keeping white furniture clean with kids and pets isn’t a problem. Choose a fabric that you can easily clean, such as faux suede or denim and consider slip covers that can be removed to be washed when needed.
  4. Use your white background to highlight a favourite piece of art or other decorative touches. The white background will push the artwork forward, attracting the eye to it.
  5. Choose the right white. There are so many shades of white available with undertones of pink, blue, yellow, green and purple. Look at your surfaces and other choices to choose the right tone of white for your all white décor.
  6. Consider using different shades of white within the same tonal group to ‘layer’ your white décor. Upholstery in white can add texture and balance to your all white room.
  7. A base of white makes your home easily adaptable. In the autumn add some red, orange and yellow tones in throw cushions and rugs, and in the summer choose blues and greens to change up the seasonal look of your home.
  8. In an all white bathroom consider adding a wall of brightly coloured mosaic tiles in the shower or bath area to add that extra splash of style and wow factor to your elegant all white room.
  9. And remember that white isn’t just great for highlighting features such as crown molding or other aspects of your home but also is a great ‘eraser’ covering blemishes in the line of walls and ceilings.

Why should you consider designing your own home?

There are many benefits to designing your own home, the foremost being that you get a living space that meets your family’s exact needs.


But what other benefits are there to creating your own space?

  1. You get exactly what you need and not what someone else chose
  2. You get to choose all of the fixtures and fittings making the space uniquely yours
  3. Every floor will be finished in your choice of covering, and your counter tops will meet your needs and tastes, too
  4. You are sure that your home will be built properly and to the right standards, which will cut down on future repair costs
  5. You won’t need to renovate in the future to get the home you want and need
  6. You can ensure that your carbon footprint will be low in your custom designed and built home

Top Tips to Make Your Old Kitchen New

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of every home and if your kitchen is feeling a little frayed around the edges our top tips can help you give a burst of new energy to the heart of your family home.

kitchen renovation

  1. Change out of date, worn flooring with a solid wood, stone or tile to instantly transform the appearance of your entire kitchen. We might not always think about the floor but changing the surface gives a facelift to your entire kitchen. And these products are long lasting which make them worth the investment.
  2. Replace old metal work with new modern products. Instead of the old handles, faucets, lighting and range hood you already have kick your kitchen style up a notch with some of the new metals in use in kitchens. Try brushed aluminum, nickel, copper or stainless steel to modernise your kitchen quickly and with little fuss.
  3. Most kitchens have cabinets on the walls to give more storage space, but by removing them the entire view of your kitchen instantly becomes sleeker and more modern. Consider adding floating shelves and choose a great colour to make your kitchen warm, welcoming and uber sleek.
  4. In a kitchen the countertops take up a lot of space, so don’t suffer in silence with old, cracked or peeling laminate surfaces. Choose a stone, marble, granite countertop. Or consider cork, brick or tile as an alternative to the more traditional choices. Changing the countertops changes the entire look of your kitchen.
  5. In this era of environmental awareness bringing new energy efficient appliances into your kitchen not only updates the look but allows you to lower your carbon footprint. Low flow faucets cut your water usage and you can choose ‘touch free’ technology to help keep your family healthy.
  6. Bring seating into your kitchen to allow your family to spend more time in comfort in this great room. A banquette or bench beside a window makes a great place to relax and read or do homework, while stools with a breakfast bar give space for dining, too.
  7. Even on a tight budget you can update your kitchen by painting, staining or replacing your cabinet doors. Keep the body of the cabinet and replace the fronts giving an instant facelift that makes your kitchen sparkle. Choose between distressed doors, unique glazes and paint colours or doors with details. Just adding some colour to your existing doors will make your kitchen look like new.
  8. Lighting is vital in every room for function and aesthetics, and particularly in the kitchen you need to have lighting that is adaptable and meets all of your needs. Think of recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, or floor level lighting. An overhead pendant at a dining area adds a great look and the ambiance you want and need. And for a touch of glamour consider a great chandelier.
  9. Think about how to display your decorative items elegantly and with style. Family china or your cook books can be equally beautiful in your kitchen. Display under an island, or add floating shelves to your wall space. Remember that a bowl of fresh lemons can bring a zing to your room, too, for very little cost.
  10. If your kitchen was built years ago it could feel closed in. Consider the advantages of knocking down a wall to join your living or dining area to the kitchen space. Ensure that it is a non-loading bearing wall that won’t affect your structure and bring more light into your kitchen by opening up your living spaces. Make sure to consult a professional before taking a sledgehammer to a wall.

Made-to measure glass pet doors for the discerning owner

Now you can forget all those late night or early morning toilet runs in all weather, which is even worse when it’s raining — when all you want is a steaming hot cup of tea and some breakfast — especially when time is of the essence. The commute to the office has to start early or the traffic will be too heavy to make it on time, meaning extra time at the end of the working day to catch up, and maybe driving home in the dark.

Another chore you can forget (with a perfectly-measured glass pet door) is the mopping up of those little overnight accidents when you first get up and, worse, when the furry culprit decides to do a do-little or two on the new carpet, leaving stains that carpet cleaning can’t quite get out no matter how hard you try. Now, with a made-to-measure pet door, you can stay in bed just a few minutes longer and then paddle your way bleary-eyed to the kitchen without having to look out for puddles along the way.


Owners should be able to enjoy having a pet as part of a comfortable lifestyle … Imagine, no more interruptions while eating dinner or watching television or even enjoying some romantic time on the sofa. The pet door takes care of all those annoying pet toilet problems but only if the door fits properly. It should neither be too big or too small.

cat door installation

The secret is to measure the chest of the largest fully-grown pet and make sure that the door size you have selected is larger than your pet to ensure easy access in and out. Another important measurement is from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest or the tummy, whichever is the lowest point of the animal, then add a further 5 centimeters to be on the safe side. A general estimate is 38 centimeters for a medium sized dog and 45 centimeters for a large dog.

How to Service your Patio Doors with ease

The great Australian way of life is living outdoors with the comfort and ease of indoor domesticity? And the best way to achieve this is with a modern or classic patio doors that seamlessly bridge your living areas with your veranda or garden. But, do your patio doors function seamlessly?

There are a number of issues that owners of appendages to glass patio doors can experience and the best wayto trouble shoot these is to examine them one-by-one and check them off the handy person’s ‘to do’ list. These are: roller adjustments especially after spring or autumn cleaning; panel reversing; insect screen installation, removing or replacing; and/or issues with between safety-glass blinds.

One of the main benefits of between-glass blinds is never, ever, having to dust the slats again. However, there are rules of engagement when operating the blinds. For one, the glass-enclosed blinds should be operated slowly and steadily and never at high speed or with sudden jerks or the operator may stall and need to be re-engaged.

Patio door repair

Here are the correct steps to take to re-engage the blind operator:

  1. Firstly, make sure the operator is at the bottom of the unit and not detached from the glass
  2. Secondly, the operator needs to be moved slowly up and down the glass until the first ‘clicking’ sound occurs
  3. Then, continue moving the operator slowly up the glass until the second ‘clicking’ sound’, which suggests the operator is fully engaged
  4. Finally, run the blind through its cycle a couple of times to ensure it;s fully functional and secure

With panel reversing (which means sliding open from the other side) … One would need to know exactly what one is doing so, if in doubt, engage a professional. Otherwise look carefully at the instructions before embarking on the task. Adjusting the rollers is something one might want to do to hide a weather strip and clear the sill track or make sure the door is adjusted to the correct height.

Ultimately, insect screens should be attached to outside of the operating panel of the glass patio doors. And, always follow the instructions to the letter and make sure the corner screws are adjusted correctly.