Duties of a glazier

Glaziers work hard, glass comes in large heavy sheets. These sheets arrive in our factory on trucks and we manually store them so we have stock. So the trade of a “Glazier” basically requires the lifting, cutting and installing of glass to fit into aluminium/wood frames for domestic, commercial and automotive industries. Lifting requires PPE and technique, Cutting and installing both require the glazier to have specific tools and practiced technique. Like all trades glazing can be dangerous. The industry uses a hierarchy of controls when handling Glass to ensure safe handling.

Glass Now glaziers only service flat buildings glass, we do not supply curved glass for windscreens in the auto industry.

New commercial glazing work requires architectural plans to be read and interpreted. Drawings, specifications and the standard (AS1288-2006 AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS GLASS IN BUILDING) will determine the materials required for the intended work. The location of the glass, frames and process required for the installation of the glass will determine an estimated price. If the estimate is accepted, we order the glass and related fixing material. Once materials are available we measure the opening, cut and fabricate aluminium to fit the opening. Mark and cut glass to size weather proof with rubbers and secure with jams.

Most of the commercial glazing work we do is for shop fronts or entry doors. Glass door entry system for shops are many and varied. We have a wide range of suppliers and can supply and fit parts for all types of door systems used with Australia. We provide commercial glazing Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs.

In a residential or domestic glazing situation, you have called us. We typically provide an estimate over the phone. Once you accept this price we schedule the next available glazier that suits your availability. Once onsite we typically repair glass, mirrors, windows, doors, table tops, shelves, balustrades, etc.

We supply glass gold coast from our factory outlet at Nerang. If you are looking for cheap glass supply on the gold coast, come to us.

glass now mobile glazing

glass now mobile glazing


Author; Simon Vaughan Digital Blitz