Why are bathroom windows more expensive to repair?

This is because bathroom windows are a combination of toughened and obscured Glass.

The benefits of obscure glass is that it allows light to enter the room and also preserves the privacy of the people within the room. Most of the obscure glass we sell at GlassNow is used within bathrooms, toilets or near entry doors. Obscured glass is sometimes referred to as frosted glass and there is a large range of styles available, common types include Arctic, Cathedral, Satinlite and Spotswood. In some situations our customers need us to match a broken window to the existing style of glass used within the building.

In most situations when installing toughened glass we need to make two trips to your location. This is because toughened glass is not able to be cut and will explode into small peddles or relatively harmless fragments.

The first trip is to measure the exact size and the second trip is to supply and install. Usually this whole process takes approximately 5 working days, as the glass has to be sent back to the factory to undergo additional heat treatment. The good news is that toughened glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than float glass of equal thickness, making it safer choice.

Bathrooms are considered to be an area of the building that has a higher risk of accidents occurring. The most obvious reason being that these areas get wet and hence the increased possibility of a slip or a fall. Being a bathroom there is also a good possibility that you will be naked and let’s face it slipping on wet tiles is bad enough. Luckily the possibility of cutting yourself at the same time is greatly reduced due to Australian standard AS1288-2006 specifying the use of toughen glass within bathrooms and toilets.

Author Simon Vaughan