GlassNow keeping up with online saas technology.

GlassNow provides a 24hr 7day mobile glazing service, as such we have a team of glaziers on the road helping our many customers when they need it most. To do this GlassNow requires great systems and to make a constant investment in new technology of both hardware and software. Online saas or cloud based software specifically as it makes sense from a convenience and price perspective. This has recently seen us make the investment into a new self compliance system which allows us to create evidence of our completed compliance obligations as measureable tasks.

The product being which we use to create evidence of compliance for;

  • incident clarification and reporting
  • training material
  • employee policies
  • employee portal and notification

The second product being which we are using to manage

  • logging and tracking field and factory jobs
  • ordering materials for those jobs
  • invoicing

Author Simon Vaughan marketing consultant at