Residential Property Glazing Audits

GlassNow provides residential property glazing audits from $350 incl. GST for this service.

Depending on your situation and the results of the glass audit you will be provided with reportable information from us;

  1. Form 16 and or
  2. Spreadsheet – listing all the glass within your residence (example below)


Location Type Size & Quantity Product Compliant   with AS1288-06
1 Main Entry side panel to a door 875 x 419 4mm clr toughened Yes
2 Main Entry side panel to a door 1142 x 410 6mm clr toughened yes
3 Main Entry side panel to a door 855 x 408 5mm clr   float yes
4 Main Entry panel above door 855 x 1638 6mm clr float yes
5 Main Entry side panel to a door 855 x 408 5mm clr   float yes
6 Main Entry side panel to a door 419 x 1142 4mm clr toughened yes
7 Main Entry side panel to a door 875 x 410 4mm clr toughened yes
8 Right hand to a door louvre galleries 19 blades 6mm clr toughened yes
9 Bathroom 1 window above bath 2@ 850 x 550 4mm clr toughened yes
10 Bedroom 1 door 2@ 1955 x 985 4mm clr toughened yes
11 WC sliding window 2@ 800 x 400 3mm clr float yes
12 Laundry door 1@ 1955 x 796 4mm clr toughened yes
13 Laundry door 1@ 1955 x 796 6.38 clr laminate yes
14 Laundry sliding window 2@ 1000 x 550 3mm clr float yes
15 Bedroom 2 door 2@ 1955 x 984 4mm clr toughened yes
16 Bedroom 3 sliding window 2@ 1147 x 857 4mm clr float yes
17 Lounge fixed windows 2@ 2250 x 834 4mm clr toughened yes
18 Lounge fixed windows 2@ 540 x 857 3mm clr float yes
19 Lounge louvre galleries 21 blades 6mm clr toughened yes

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding glass audit. which allows for certification of glass against AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings

  • Where the glass is outside of the scope of AS1288-2006 (very rare) and engineering is required we will provide you with relevant contacts

Please let us know if you require certification on following (as this may increase the cost)

  • Roof glazing (skylights etc.)
  • Any glass with difficult access to it- eg. Extension ladders, scaffolds etc.
  • If the building is more than 3 storey’s high
  • Certification of pool fencing, shed or any other structures on the property other than house itself

The process with Glass Now is as follows

  1. We arrange a mutually suitable time for us to attended
  2. During our visit- please allow at least 2-3 hours for measure to be completed
    1. – collect a deposit – this is non-refundable
    2. – measure each glass pane and check it’s thickness and properties (eg. Thickness, films, tint , toughened, laminated etc.)
  3. Paperwork is then forwarded to the office where each pane of glass is checked against the safety standard
  4. We will then contact you to advise if there are any panes of glass that do not comply
  5. In case you require replacement we provide a quotation for replacement with a compliant piece of glass
    1. If you choose to accept this we replace the glass and give you the certification at the time of repair- provided that repairs and the remainder of the certification cost has been paid for.
    2. If you choose not to accept the quote we will provide certification for compliant panels only and collect remainder of the certification cost.

Our certification comes a s a “Form 16- Inspection Certificate”  that is accompanied with a spreadsheet of all items certified.

Author Simon Vaughan marketing consultant at