Why You Need Proper Pool Fencing and Balustrading

It cannot be overstated the importance of having the proper fencing around your pool. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important is preventing children from falling into the pool and drowning. Even if you don’t have children, it has been known that kids in the neighbourhood might not resist knowing a pool is in your backyard. So, having the proper fencing is very important to prevent accidents from happening.

The same is true for pools at public places, commercial buildings, apartments, hotels and other places as well. While it may not prevent all tragic accidents from occurring, having a fence around your pool will act as a deterrent and may prevent the needless death of a child from occurring.

Proper Fencing Installation

In Australia, there are laws designed to ensure that the proper fencing and balusters are in place to create the safest conditions possible for your pool area. Any materials that you use in the creation of your fence or baluster must comply with Australian law. This means that you will need to have the area inspected to ensure that any access to the pool area can only come through a locked gate or passageway through the fencing itself.

Pool glass installation

Today, there are a wide range of fencing and balustrades that can be used to protect the pool area from the classic iron versions to modern, sleek styles that offer maximum protection, but also fully protect the pool area itself. In addition, pool railings, balconies and stairwells can enjoy this type of protection also when it comes to your pool. From aluminium to steel to wood and more, there are a number of unique designs that can be crafted to make your pool area safe.

Safety in the Design

You may have heard of instances where the fencing itself becomes an issue because kids can stick their arms, legs or even head through the fence and become trapped. In addition, kids may try to climb the fence and get stuck as well. While there is no type of fencing that can prevent all intrusions from occurring, there are still plenty of types that can prevent accidents from occurring while preventing most types of unwanted entries.

  • One Meter High Railings: This is to prevent small children from climbing over the top.
  • 12cm Spacing in Vertical Components: This is to prevent a child’s head from becoming stuck in-between the fencing.
  • 100mm Maximum Spacing from Bottom Rail to Flooring: This is to prevent a child from going under the fencing.

By incorporating these elements into the fencing that is used around your pool, you can help prevent a terrible accident from occurring. You will also need to take into account any areas surrounding the pool such as trees or higher fencing that may allow a child to climb up and jump over the fence around the pool.

By taking everything into account when you put up your fencing and balustrades, you can have the most effective protection against the most unfortunate incidents from happening in your pool.